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Bluedog claims that the protests were staged by the government of Iraq “to cloud the arena” and take the focal point off what is really happening.

Millionday thinks that Abadi’s meeting with world CEO’s is all part of the plan to bring Iraq to a “Market Economy”.

Exogen speculates that Abadi’s visit to the U.S. was done to kick start it’s global international bond offering.

Backdoc compares Iraq to the Hollywood Movie “The Matrix”

Sczin11 believes that Iraq is going to become a major world power.

SLH 1812 believes that stuff that we read about the US pulling this back is smoke and mirror distraction; same with the info from Iraq.

Benjamin Fulford shares his opinion on the Cabal, and the financial puppet masters that are manipulating and controlling the worlds economy.

Ghostwriter thinks that powerful individuals that pull the strings of the world’s financial markets are twisting, turning, and squirming right to the bitter end of the IQD RV.

Tman23 thinks that the observance of a public holiday in Baghdad in honor of AL- Imam, Mohammed al-Jawad has a hidden meaning.

Frank26 believes that within the actions of China you will find the keys to this RV.

Fireball92 shares his conspiracy theory that big brother is watching dinar websites and jumps on board with OkieOilMan and composes a letter to the UST and IMF.

JJONESMX: “This seems to be an industry wide update and many services will be unavailable or limited. Each bank is a little different, but they are limiting access to accounts…”

Wildduck shares his theory of why the RV has not happened per his conversation with Blaino.

Ironman: “The legal precedent set by this bailout and the subsequent raid on depositors accounts does not bode well for any nation if the IMF can be used as the lever to pry into your privacy and simply ‘take’ your money.”

Sam speculates whether the IQD could “RV” within the next couple weeks by reviewing two related articles. Interesting!


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