11 billion must be paid to Kuwait by 11 a.m. Wednesday

Golden Market

6-24-2013 Jester:    heard all kinds of good things today…[Citibank opening in Iraq. Any news on that?] heard it was happening…only a matter of time before people want to do business there.. a good sign i would say. [Have we finally run out of Events Thursday?] LOOKING LIKE IT… LETS HOPE SO. [ when are they planning on pay kwuait the $11 billion??? Is it true they will pay it on the 25th?] I AM TOLD IT HAS TO BE PAID 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE VOTE SCHEDULED FOR 11AM ON THURSDAY…[so…we should RV at the latest tuesday so they can pay their debt wednesday to be 24 hrs prior?] THAT MAKES SENSE…NOT CALLING IT…BUT IT DOES MAKE SENSE, SO LETS HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT.

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