8ball (CBI policy change since last Tuesday?): 8BALLS – Focus on Iraq 2/8/12


me too!! :-P :-P
8ball do you have anything to tell us?
Hope you start to feel better then!! Divak’s husband!


sorry had dinner
Maliki is due in Kuwait within 48hrs
The CBI auctions have been very small since last Tuesday
Last nights was un documented
in the PDF file for CBI currency auctions


wow thanks 8 ball


I believe that the CBI auctions have changed the CBI policy
and have reacted to the meeting on last Tuesday where all parties attended
ever since then the CBI auctions have been very small almost 10%
of what it would normally do
cash has been zero in some cases
over the last 5 currency auctions
I believe that the CBI is pacing itself


we have to be real close 8 ball


for the Maliki visit to Kuwait
CBI Small currency auctions MEANS…….
That the CBI is holding back foreign currency exchange
Banks are not all of a sudden not wanting foreign currency exchange
The CBI has changed its policy …… ;)



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