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because so many sites have jumped the gun imo, on what this erbril article actually means so imo, ill try to explain this…erbril isnt finished altho it does seem close….let me just put the article in 1st then ill talk about it….Keywords: parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce it to the media Wednesday, February 8, 2012 11:28

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates MP for the coalition of state law on the Keywords that political parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce the content of the Convention to the media.

The political blocs took place in Erbil in late 2010 on an agreement under which an end to the dispute between the National Alliance and the Iraqi List, about the consistence of the formation of the government included several items.

And he said: Agency News} {Euphrates on Wednesday that “the political leaders who signed the agreement Erbil more than once expressed their willingness announce the terms of Irbil to the Iraqi people that these items do not include political leaders feared something to say about him.”

He added that “all political blocs familiar with the agreement of Arbil and achieved most of its articles and has remained a small part of its debate taking place in the corridors of the judiciary and the government and the House of Representatives.”

He emphasized that “the National Alliance carried out all its obligations to the Convention and by this more than once confirmed its strong commitment to it.”

Some of the deputies pointed to the existence of secret agreements within the Erbil Convention has not disclosed the leaders of political blocs and demanded that the announcement of those agreements to the Iraqi people. Ended 2

http://www.alforatnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6188:2012-02-08-08-23-43&catid=36:2011-04-08-17-25-25&Itemid=54 ok so it says…..****Keywords that political parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce the content of the Convention to the media.**** and thats just what it means…there were agreements that were made between the kurds and allawi called the agreements of erbril, this was signed by all 3, and maliki became prime minister, most of the kurds demands were constitional and will more than likely get passed and emplimented, the majority of allawis demands were not constitionally and would require changeing many parts of the constition to allow allawi to have his way, many of the goi and parliment didnt agree to changeing an rewritting the constition just so allawi could have his demands and to give up portions of there powers just so allawi, who should have done his home work for starters and knew what the constition said, he was pm for several years , youd think he would know what was constitutional and what wasnt but i guess he didnt, so weve seen barzani and talabani and maliki and many others saying we have to abide by the constition and protect the constition, and when dealing with the erbril agreements we must abide by the constition, and almost a year later finally after holding up progress and growth in iraq allawi finally says he wouldnt seek his supreme council post and agreed to abide by the constition, now, on to a different part, when the kurds agreements came out we knew they wanted the hcl and for article 140 to be fully implimented and for them to have more say so over there money and there contracts, so when the hcl was finally read and passed to the next level, barzani says hey wait a minute, thats not the terms we had agreed upon in the erbril agreements, and there was some heated debates exchanged between maliki and barzani, and barzani comes out and says if u go ahead and pass the hcl like it is, ill make public what was actually in the erbril agreements…so then after that we didnt hear much from either of them about it, altho we heard at many different times from other people deputies and ministers saying we dont even know what is in the erbril agreements, only a few were privy to those details, barzani, allawi, talibani, maliki not sure who all knew but it wasnt many…so in this article its saying what…???? lol…Keywords that political parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce the content of the Convention to the media…..this doesnt mean erbril is finished an about to be annouced as completed and done with like many are mis translating this to mean, altho like i said it does seem like its very close to comming about, as they talk about the ministers of defence and interior, theres a good chance dulami, a sunni, will be able to be permenant minister of defence but on that we have to wait and see, allawi is a sunni lol just a fyi, and the guy that theve seemed to agree on for the minister of interior***** Al-Sunaid: unanimity in the National Coalition on Al-yasseri for Interior .***Al-Sunaid: unanimity in the National Coalition on Al-yasseri for Interior … Waldlimi may remain in defence Date: Monday, 06-02-2012 11: 35 am

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