China was going to push the VND out if the IQD kept coming up with reasons not to go


sandytob] FF just said not to sell your dinar to buy VND. VND is still a good investment.

captaincaveman] He is as frustrated as all of us that we are still sitting here.

[raptor22] captaincaveman amen to that

[captaincaveman] I think the VND is the sleeper in this….and that it will RV at alot more than 47 or 48 cents.

[skt2] I would be sooo excited at 47 cents!

[flashing] MsDiva no ding dongs yet :superlachen: :superlachen:

[MsDiva] captaincaveman some feel Vietnam cant support 47 or 48 cents with out the support of the dinar what a joke lol

[puppylove] captaincaveman do you know something we dont know?

[WILDDUCK] puppylove remember the rumor that China was going to push the VND out if the IQD kept coming up with reasons not to go, The IMF blessed it this is all in public view. Pressure is on. If we go to 2013 we get a whole new tax code, that wants to nail anyone making over 250,000.

[redhead1] Saw a report on China this morning having problems with Viet Nam and the Phillipines because the new map on Chinese passports show these two countries as part of China – Viet Nam and Phillipines not happy

[captaincaveman] MsDiva as a single country no they can’t. but when tied to several other country’s in a basket then yes they can. they could support a value much higher

[MsDiva] captaincaveman well if the dinar dont stop dragging its feet then the VND may need to just RV

[captaincaveman] WILDDUCK just the frustration that this shouldve happened several times over and we’re still waiting

[WILDDUCK] MsDiva that would be foot and loose talk last night, take a look at what is really going on and and basil III and you get a way different answer.

[redhead1] captaincaveman – what do you think the chances of the VND going to RV today with the reports from Europe – are they real?

[tc0043] WILDDUCK what makes you believe we will get a whole new tax code, that wants to nail anyone making over 250,000.

[MsDiva] captaincaveman I enter VND/GBP on netdania and i got 0.0000

[redhead1] tc0043 – that has been Obama’s stand since he ran for re-election – there has been some talk of increasing it to $500,000 but $250,000 seems to be the mark at this time

[ontime] tc0043 I’m not WILDDUCK but Our President has been talking about it for a years & is part of Obamacare.

[OILGENRL7] feda gm

[MsDiva] captaincaveman hurry back soon

[cruiser] For those of you that are wondering what is happening with the VND. The VND is being paired. The Current VND/EUR=.3718 but if you type in EUR/VND=26,800. The Pairing has NOT been complete. Just like if you put in the USD/EUR=.7709 then type in EUR/USD=1.2964 (this is an example of a complete “Pair” ) This is just a process. Do not know how long it takes, but there is some movement.

[WILDDUCK] tc0043 I am sorry have you not ever heard our president say that for the last 18 months Please remember he knows about the dinar and is speaking in 2 worlds at the same time.

[MsDiva] cruiser thats huge thanks

[WILDDUCK] cruiser that is correct, my statment was a if you could not a yes you can. The same thing happened on the dinar then went back to normal

[superbiz] cruiser so something happening IYO??

[WCW] we do have people on our side trying to get this done before the new year

[WILDDUCK] WCW whos side are you on

[cruiser] WILDDUCK I understand.

WCW] WILDDUCK the get ur done side

[cruiser] superbiz yes, but again it could all go back to the original real quick. Just have to see what comes out of it.

[Cyndee49] At 0.047 need alot more VND to get rich

[WILDDUCK] cruiser I do think your double digit statements have a more horsepower since yesterday IMHO

[cruiser] WILDDUCK Seems to be gaining strength. I also believe the VND will be a surprise.

[IslandDancer] Thanks Cruuser!!

[cruiser] Cyndee49 what r u talking about?? where did you get that number from?

[Cyndee49] Redhead 1 said that was rate

[tc0043] cruiser gm

[redhead1] cruiser – that rate was on Recaps yesterday

[spiritfilled] WILDDUCK gm – wasnt the rate you guys were seeing was .47 and not .047?

[cruiser] redhead1 .047 is wrong!!!!!!! .47 would be the correct conversion using the Euro number.

[redhead1] cruiser – there was discussion on that at first – then they came back and said $,047 – either is okay with me

[WILDDUCK] redhead1 the msn site showed 2.08 VND not USD, so nobody did the math and Yahoo off to the races, when you cram the conversion you get .48 cents USD and is now showing .37 EURO

[cruiser] redhead1 I am telling you with proven data. not discussing it back and forth with someone. Your ok with a nickel instead of almost $.50 lol

[redhead1] cruiser – I am just saying – yes I want the $.50 – obviously – but since no one seemed to be able to do the math – at $.047 it seemed like the investment at least paid off – more than other things I have invested in the past – I want the most but I am currency challenged at this point – lol

[bama] I’d sell all of my VND for a nickel just to be done with it

[WILDDUCK] WCW this is a process and as I have said you are not going to get a trumpet blast and loud speaker blasting from every wells fargo. Remember only 1% of USA is an owner and a lot of people are going to ask in about 20 minutes why did you not tell me. That will be the same guy that called it a scam

[spiritfilled] cruiser thanks for clarification thats what i had read

[superbiz] cruiser wouldn’t the fact that the numbers are moving around show us that there is something in the works at some point and they are at least testing the system ???

[2mater] superbiz why after 10 years would they need to be ‘testing’ the system?

[cruiser] superbiz Testing was done and has been done on the Pay Forex sites. What we are seeing on the free sites, could be testing for those sites and has no relivance to us.

[tc0043] WILDDUCK When I read that chart the other day, I interpreted that 2.08 to be the amount of movement in the value from the previous day. was I wrong?

[bama] lol let me clarify that statement

[captaincaveman] 2mater Thomas Eddison tried 2000 different ways before he made the light bulb work

2mater] captaincaveman true – but he wasn’t needing IMF, etc approal

[captaincaveman] 2mater rofl

[WILDDUCK] superbiz there are small movments on the VND to the Euro. open free account it is there right now.

[2mater] rcruiser It’s very discouraging that they’ve tried 30 times to’ run this through ‘ – something stands in the way every time for more than 2 dozen times – if all of that is the truth – doesn’t sound overly promising to me

[superbiz] WILDDUCK I am scared to get my hopes up.

[Maryrose] 2mater just say to yourself “isn’t that interesting”!!

[cruiser] 2mater do you know that for fact?????? Because I do not. This is a process. A very complicated process and when people say it is going to happen and it does not, there needs to be a reason and some of those reasons are not able to be proven.

[WILDDUCK] cruiser when we called netdania and spoke with them they made no distinction between paid or free as to forex info they pull in real time

[cruiser] WILDDUCK Compaines pay 50K a year for forex. I would think, and know, that they would get info before the free sites do.

[WILDDUCK] cruiser Thank you that is we who try to help you see not get shot on twleve different sites becuase somebody moved the cheese, which is a good book for all to read. download from amazon or kindle .. ” who moved the cheese” it will help you adapt to change.

WILDDUCK] cruiser the 50,000 gets them more techincal detail not special knowedge of world events.

[2mater] cruiser surely no – ‘for a fact’ just read it often – will let go of idea of that – thanks – so appreciate you’re being here!!

[cruiser] 2mater exactly and if someone says it over and over it becomes reality roflmao only kidding

[2mater] cruiser so true – thanks!

[bama] I prayed for patience and God told me to invest in the dinar lol

[Nuffsaid] not sure why there is a lot of buzz about these public forex sites. If there is a change in the rates wouldnt it be clear as day on the central bank’s site and also the dealers would have changed their prices.

[WILDDUCK] puppylove I try to only come with non nebulous yikky yak and when I have something in confirmed I present it that way, be back when I can give you concrete not pablum or nopium

[owl] Just chiming-in here…I would think it is OBVIOUSLY not wise to put ANY stock in any site info. Anywhere and anytime. WE collectively, are waiting on one thing and one thing only…an EMAIL disclosing a contact number and cash-in (reminder) instructions.

[cruiser] I will BBL Enjoy the day.

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