(Dalite): Dinar Detectives 8/17/12

8-17-2012 Dalite: “The central bank seeks to limit the use of cash (CASH) in the country.” Since the Dinar is pegged to the USD, and this system is geared toward electronic transactions, it is hard to draw a dividing line between the two.

We hope that as the CBI restores value to the Dinar that it will start being recognized for it’s value, not what it is worth in USD. The article seems to have originated from a statement by the CBI. It is an excellent idea, and follows the evolution of moving their banking system into the 21st century.They just need to be able to make it work by getting dependable electricity first; to avoid any unnecessary miss steps. The idea has been in the thought and planning stage since 2008, and the CBI hopes to get it moving soon.

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