(Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 8/10/12

Timaldo:  FYI.i spent the day today on the 5th floor of a (big 4 bank) Wealth Management division. Some Interesting things noted.First of all, in order to be invited to participate in private banking, you must have in excess of 5 million dollars in investable assets. That is not total net worth, but basically cash on hand.

One of the things that really caught my eye was that there were about 50 people that were sitting in cubes just waiting for the phone to ring. I thought these people might be the private bankers themselves, but they weren’t. They were actually a team of customer service reps that aided the private bankers in fulfilling customers requests.

It was very interesting To say the least…..

SpiritBear: Timaldo, I did the same here in Canada and my experience was exactly the same. Up to 5 Mill they call them Investment Advisor. Over 5 Mill they call the “Private Client Service – High Networth Planning”. Thanks for sharing.

[Papa Bear] I hope everyone is noticing how the Chinese firms are planning ahead for there poeples food needs and are booking cargoes of corn and beans.1mmt rumored cold yesterday 20 cargoes of beans 290,000 announced Planning ahead for needs

[Papa Bear] Drought or no drought they are locking in needs for growing population

[Papa Bear] Some parts of country effected more than others

wisewarrior: shasta7 diet cokeandice and generals were just chatting about market conditions to watch or not watch, yet studley months ago said to watch market conditions…….what do you think about that?

shasta7: wisewarrior … as most know these markets are propped up… NO way should the Dow be over 13,000 … these markets in mho are manipulated…

wisewarrior: but what about when studley specifically pointed out look for this, that and the other a month or so ago???

shasta7: I think anyone who is really in the know… will feel the same so if someone says don’t worry or watch the markets… it is understandable…

dietcokeandice: wisewarrior do your remember what studley said to watch for back then i old—-can’t remember

shasta7: dietcokeandice … they keep the markets propped up to make people think a certain way…

dietcokeandice: shasta7 i heard on fox business the other day that companies were buying their own stock to protect there money

ShawnW:  I for the most part quit looking for it, because when it does happen it will hit like a ton of bricks…. at least in our own little dinar world. All the intel right now is completely circular because there really is nothing left to say. No benchmarks left to hit.

Now whether the hold up is geo political regarding the middle east or perhaps more that the PTB cannot agree on the plan moving forward is yet to be seen, but either way it is way over my paygrade and also the contacts that most intel comes from. So best to sit back and let it play out.

[dwg14] so i’m guessing that all the hype last night about forex was just that , hype …. no news right

[andisgram1] dwg14 I would have to agree

[childofgod] No one should rely on any forex site right now. Currently IQD is not internationally tradeable until after the RV.

[Precious] 8-9-2012 Blaino: this is an official planetdinar announcement regarding the revaluation of the iraqi currency, the “iqd” or “iraqi dinar.” iqd is currently re-appearing on teller screens in many areas and across the banking sector.

This very information may not be apparent to the tellers themselves, and this could be a part of the plan to have it just “appear” sort of suddenly, so calling your bank will probably not help, but only delay the numbers and values being released. There is a complicated back story here involving group and early cashout or “exchange opportunities” however i will not go into it at this time.

Healthscans] Precious hopefully Blaino still speaks with Banker Bill.

Dietcokeandice: did you guys see on the news the other day a man died and left his money (don’t know how much) to his brother with instruction to go out to eat a certain amount of times a week and leave $%-00.00 tip to the waitress—-man could you imagine the look on their face when they saw the $$$

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