DTConcerned (Re: The Lop Thread): OOM 2/10/12

This is my opinion of the Lop Theory and this is only my opinion:

Pricing from Dinar Banker Iraqi Dinar Featured Prices & Offers 1 Million 25k notes – $1,180 per Million 5 Million 25k notes – $1,170 per Million 10 Million 25k notes – $1,150 per Million 50 Million 25k notes – $1,130 per Million 1 Million 10k notes – $1,240 per Million 1 Million 5k notes – $1,260 per Million 1 Million 500 notes – $3,100 per Million 1 Million 250 notes – $3,500 per Million

You can look at other selling sites and there is about the same price scalling for smaller denomination Currencies.

Now there are different flavors to the lop theory, First the basic lop, just move the decimal place over three digits on all currency 25,000 note gets valued at 25 only and on down the line so 250 note is valued at 0.25 Second and third lop theories, they are only slashing the 0’s off the three 0 notes(third excludes the 1,000notes) so 25,000 becomes 25, but the 500 and 250 (and for third theory 1,000) notes retain thier full value and can not leave out the forth Lop theory, similar to the first, all “old” currency is going to be moved over three digits and they will replace it with new currency, but youhave to be in country to exchange it at their banks for the new currency.

The LOP is a real concept with currency. When a country has the value of their currency plummet to extreme low levels because they do not have an economy to support the currency, lopping zeros off the currency which is followed by a redenomination so that the new currency reflect the true value, makes it so that the people of the country do not need a wagon to carry enough money to buy a loaf of bread. It makes it so that the paper and coins are not worth less then the paper and metal they are printed on. In contrast to this, Iraq has the resources to support increasing the value of their currency significantly. According the Dr. Shabibi, they can support a value of $14.00 per dinar. They just have to get their government and infrastructure as a country back in order.

Iraq just spent Billions on printing the new currency that they currently are using including the lower denominations. Why would they spend more money on the ink and paper to print a note then the note was going to be worth? Well they are going to replace the currency over time, but so does every country in the world, haven’t you noticed the New US currency? Well for the LOP theory to work, you would have to replace the old currency in a short fixed amount of time and the only place teh old currency woudl be good would be at teh bank to exchange it for the new currency. We have a problem, they have already stated that the new adn old currencies will be in circulation at the same time, if they have different values, I am sure tha twont be confusing to the people? This 250 dinar note is worh 1000 of these 250 dinar notes? So maybe theories 2 and 3, only lopping the three zero notes, except today you can trade a 25,000 dinar note for 100 250 dinar notes, so wouldn’t htere be a rush to trade in the big notes for the little notes before the big notes lost their value? They are both in circulation now, you can buy then from traders, but after they do the LOP it will trade 10 25,000 notes for 1 250 note?

Now look at the cost difference between buying a million in 250 notes and buying a million in 25K notes. The traders want you to believe that the three zero notes are going to get lopped, because fear will cause you to spend more on buying the smaller notes. What do you think the traders pay more for the smaller denominations? If you cross the boarder into Canada or Mexico from the US, if you trade USD for CND do they charge you more if you get ones instead of hundreds? But they are getting three times as much money if you buy the smaller denominations, from you. Would it be worth my time to pay someone to post lop propaganda if it could tripple my income? So who do you think keeps wanting Lop stories posted?

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