(Generals64): 3S’s 8/2/12

generals64: just kidding….You guys….this is a Currency Exchange from what I have heard…..The complication factor is only going to be if you let it be…..

generals64: …this is nothing different than the revaluation of the Kuwaiti DINAR….Google it and read what happened and how it happened….then Read about the German Deustchmark…and the 1946 Japanese Yen. It’s that simple……the answer is in History and History will repeat itself….Its that simple .

generals64: the Kuwaiti Dinar revalued from $3.29 American to 1 Kuwait dinar…it was Artificially devalued by Hussein and then lowered even more by the United States….It was revalued to $3.69 and was on a managed float…it grew to $11.00 and some change and then the Hedge Fund people messed things up and it dropped to $3.69 and has stayed around there for some time.

It revalued on a Wednesday Afternoon at around 3:30 or so East Coast time…Now, there is a TRUE History Lesson. zerolimits….Most Financial people don’t take the time to study where your finanaces come from…they just want their check…I am a history buff and got in this for the research…


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