(Highlights Replay Conference Call Aug 7~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News): The IQD Team 8/8/12

The IQD Team Investigate, Question & Deliver Tuesday, August 7, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay –  August 7, 2012 Download/Playback or 760-569-7699   Pin 769478# The IQD Team plus LJ’s Next Step Team Two Teams, One Vision Working Together arriving at the same place for the Dinar Community Tariq joined us tonight to update us on his progress since he arrived in the United States 

Great Round table Discussion between LJ, Don, Barney & Straight Talkin Mike…Must listen to call…..The tone of the articles have changed…..cohesion, unity, team work, brotherly commitment, partnership, convergence of views, parties possess patriotism, goal to serve the country,  and reconciliation, working together in peace…Great  analysis and discussion

Recap CBI/Economy Straight Talkin Mike

CBI Recap

CBI went to Parliament and threw down a letter and said we are going forward with the deletion of 3 zeroes project…Parliament accepted that Letter and that was sorta a formal act, formal shot across the bowel to Maliki  after Sunday when he said look we really don’t want to go forward with this…personally IMO it has put a lot of pressure on themselves prepared for this because its a whole new ball game when they add significant value to the dinar and the people start to be able to do things and this really starts to fire up and you get true investment people working – thats phase two for these politicians – and as we heard this evening theres alot going on – alot of changes happening within the political parties ..I think it was a brilliant play on Shabibi’s side – they said maybe you need to come and talk to us and explain it a little bit more because there are still some who don’t understand….said sure he would be glad to do that

2nd article – trying to put a lid on their economy – think of it as a big boiling pot and they want to use Letters of Credit to start financing everything thats going in and out of Iraq so they can make sure they have legitimate deals…With a Letter of Credit everybody has to perform…everybody knows where they are at and a whole legal system that comes into play internationally when you mess with Letters of Credit….Gives the Central Bank a stronger standing to put a lid on their economy..that was the next step we were waiting to see there Now you have to close the economy down….plug all the holes where money can go out because you don’t want it leave once you start to add value to the currency Recap Government LJ    LJ’s Next Step Team Government We are seeing cohesion and unity – they are making efforts for reform…I thought we would see withdrawal of confidence before we saw reform honestly…I didn’t think they would be able to bridge the gap The language we are hearing in the last couple of days has been really pointing toward a work out and an agreement between them to where they could move forward and not going into the craziness of withdrawing confidence and moving out of this transition and going into some kind of formalized system that will last over time…. I am excited about what I am hearing them saying – the fact that Allawi is open to meetings and Maliki is meeting with the powers and Maliki pushing for Mutlag to come back…Mutlag stepped in and has some extra powers and he’s utilizing them – trying to utilize him to bridge the gap between the IL and Baghdad – trying to work out the Oil & Gas Law…everything we see is about working the crisis out and that gives us all reason to be encouraged and we will be watching diligently over the next couple of days

Favorite Articles of the Night……there were so many…..all positive news…Don’t miss Straight Talkins Analysis during the CBI News….Great Stuff Deputy for the National: Outlook meeting brings together al-Maliki and Allawi I expected the National Alliance MP Iman Hassan, a meeting between Prime Minister and leader of the Iraqi List, noting that there were signs of easing the crisis. Hassan said in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday that the paper reforms approved by the National Alliance can resolve the outstanding problems between the political parties, noting that the paper did not apply until after the National Conference to be held in the coming days. She said there are positive indications on the horizon, especially after the return of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and a visit to his office a delegation from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki evidence of a convergence of views between the parties. They expected the National Alliance MP, to hold a bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, saying that Iraq is a country surprises and if the parties possess patriotism and their goal serve the country, they should sit at the table of dialogue and face to face and solve the outstanding problems.

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