(Highlights Summary REplay Conf Call Aug 28~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~ITS ALL GOOD): The IQD Team 8/29/12

The IQD Team

Investigate, Question & Deliver Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference CallConference Call Replay –  August 28, 2012 Download/Playback or 760-569-7699   Pin 769478# Recap of the News tonight analysis (Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed below – the following is just a recap and Several Highlights) RECAP CBI/ECONOMY  

STRAIGHT TALKIN MIKE We discussed about the Banking sector needing to have some rules and regulations passed… We talked about Parliament wanting to do that We talked about the World Bank visiting Bagdhad checking on the status of the banking system- making sure it is ready to go and all of the things they hear about are there…ATMs’ and Credit cards being pushed on the people and telling them how easy it is to carry the credit cards as it it to carry the cash We talked about my Favorite article of the night… DMCC looking at the increase in the dinar….they want to start trading this – they are looking at it and had some great things by the Central Bank that the Central Bank is ready to do this – that they have all the studies done that they need to have done and that they are looking at this really hard as a profit means because they know they are going to add value They talked to Dr Saleh informing the Committee of the laws that they need inside the banking system because they cant deal with the cash transactions….they need these laws passed….we have usary laws….all these laws that prevent fraud, counterfeiting of money – all of these things that go on – these are some of the things they need passed – He’s looking at a Committee from everyone that needs to have it….get themselves set up so they can get the laws they need passed very quickly….thought that was a really good idea..those type of articles tell us they have got good things going on out there Favorite Article of the Night “DMCC: increasing interest in Iraqi Dinar” Don’t try and get something from the numbers quoted in this article….you wont get a rate from the numbers..it just tell us that a study has been done and that they know what they are doing -when we have said that this is going on this is confirmation from an outside source – these are traders and they are talking and this because they know there is going to be value to this currency – everyone knows there is going to be value to this currency – everyone is interested in it- float there is going to be money to be made – The Central Bank is really interested in doing this project – what I thought in this article that was really cool is The Central Bank is going to help to get a council formed to have every aspect of the government understand and know what they need in order to do when they pass the laws – like I said they can’t do the transactions but if you invite a committee to be formed where you get yourself one of all who are fighting with you – here’s this council who reports back and says this is what we need – sorta the inside circle so they can start getting everything they need to have done – absolutely exciting and very cool getting this all done and moving it forward – I love these articles that shout out that we are in this process – hold steady – stay true  -stop looking for it tomorrow  this happens all the time with the gurus……let the process take place…if you look at these articles that tell us something is going on with this currency – people who deal in this stuff are interested in it…thats exciting…..thats very exciting

The Central Bank has never taken a step back…..not once….they keep doing what they are doing other than adjusting their plan as they go….if an obstacle gets thrown at them they don’ stop they just move to the right and go forward – something comes from the left and they go over it – move to the right and move forward…..they are always constantly thinking which leaves me to believe they know exactly what they are doing and they are moving forward and if we are just patient it is going to happen Goverment – Recap Straight Talkin Mike Apparently there is going to be some kind of party next week the 3, 4 or 5th of September. Apparently Talabani is coming back – Joe Biden is coming back and Hillary may be in town..if you believe all of that…..there is going to be some sort of party – Maliki says Everything is good we want reforms – the rest of the parties are still saying no – Kurds are saying we are turning off the oil we want the 140….as you watch it all happen in the news you can see the patterns – lots going on beneath the scenes we are not seeing – we are seeing its bits and pieces -they are getting together – border skirmishes with Syria and Iran – you have influx of people they are worried about coming in  – they have their own people coming back – you have a fragile economic system that needs to be done – two of three guys at the top being yelled and screamed at and then Maliki gets invited to Iran in the middle of all of this – which talk about the timing being worse for him – when you play a game of high political stakes and you decide you want to partner with someone who like Iran its kinda like the old days in New York where someday you might have to do a favor for the family and they are just calling in their chips saying come on over here – we will protect you and he is saying its time for me to leave guys I am under investigation – slowly but surely these are all things that are boxing in Maliki – what he would love to do is sign these papers – have the govt seated the way he wants them seated and box everybody in and not have to worry about anything else – his way does not have a good ending because it could end up with sanctions for him could end up with him being removed – lots of cards and balls in the air – people still want to question him – people are still unhappy with what he is doing – and eventually the power is going to have to go away from him because the hot seat is getting very hot and I assume with the diplomats coming in – I would hope someone would whisper in his ear – its looking kinda bad – we have an election coming up in a few months and we would like to come back and say that this is done to get this off of any news paper front page headline – like last week when he was in the news and it registered across the world on everybodys radar – Lets talk about several scenarios –  Biden & Hilllary come – all of a sudden everything is great – Talabani shows up and we have a Natl Meeting and they announce the government and then politically advantage to Biden who has had such a bad week – he will have a good week and come back and say this is what is going on

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