I don’t think Iraq could release the new currency without the rv

:13 PM [Dee1031] Just heard the new US currency will be out tomorrow
3:15 PM [yabba dabba] i want some new currency where do i get it…cooldancer

3:16 PM [Gabriel24] Anybody else think that this entire shabs and Maliki is nothing but smoke?

3:17 PM [Dee1031] yabba dabba what did you do with the rv?
3:17 PM [Dee1031] Gabriel24 I think so

3:17 PM [yabba dabba] i heard the pope has a few dinars…i bet he is in on the first tier for sure
3:17 PM [Anne299] Dee1031 Do you think there will be any announcement about the new US currency, or will it just quietly be released?

3:17 PM [Dee1031] Anne299 jmo I think there will be an announcement
3:18 PM [Anne299] Dee1031 WOW! Cannot wait! I’ve been waiting for 15 years for this!

3:18 PM [Dee1031] Anne299 really?
3:18 PM [Anne299] Dee1031 Yep
3:18 PM [Gabriel24] 15 years ?

3:19 PM [Anne299] Dee1031 Related to global banking changes

3:19 PM [msjeta1] Dee1031 I didn’t think that they could release the new currency without the rv and jmo but you won’t see an announcement anymore than they did when we came off the gold standard but what do I know

3:19 PM [Gabriel24] Anne299 ah..got ya :)

3:20 PM [Dee1031] msjeta1 yes so this means rv

3:20 PM [Gabriel24] IMO the RV is already done. Has been for a while now

3:20 PM [Dee1031] Gabriel24 this is what I heard too just has to be announced or just show up

3:21 PM [msjeta1] Dee1031 well they better hurry then the day is half over already

3:21 PM [Gabriel24] Dee1031 to the tier 3 people yes

3:22 PM [Dee1031] I probably will get more info later

3:22 PM [Gabriel24] Remember the IMF put Shabs in place and the US put Maliki in place. Shabs said that he won’t retire untill the RV is complete Lots of smoke out there right now 😉

3:25 PM [Gabriel24] Dee1031 the Rv nees to published in the Gazzet for 24 hours before an announcement can be made

3:25 PM [msjeta1] Dee1031 how is your weather?

3:25 PM [Dee1031] msjeta1 we were acatully ordered to evacuate ] but I am staying right here I don’t see any of my neighbors leaving

3:26 PM [Gabriel24] you in the jersey area Dee1031 ?

3:26 PM [Dee1031] Staten Island New York right by the beach

3:26 PM [msjeta1] Dee1031 I wondered if that got to you saw it on Yahoo news boy you be safe its not worth taking a chance

3:27 PM [Dee1031] Schools are closed tomorrow and all the trains and busses are stopping at 7PM tonight

3:27 PM [Gabriel24] Dee1031 you may not get hit that hard. Have my prayers

3:27 PM [Dee1031] Gabriel24 I hope not and thanks bbl

3:29 PM [Gabriel24] Dee1031 have a great one :)

3:29 PM [Dee1031] thanks you too

3:30 PM [Gabriel24] Guess I should get back to work as well. Great to meet everyone !

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