If it did RV then where is the new rate

Hi Everyone,

Just a very quick update of what I am hearing and my opinion.
There is all of a sudden much to talk about for this dinar revaluation UN announcement.

First, as we all heard, that the UN made an announcement yesterday, Thursday at 2:15 pm that the Iraq dinar had revalued. I too got the same news from my IMF sources but I did not post it since I did not believe it.

If it did RV then where is the new rate? Why have the banks not yet received the push and activated? One would only logically think that we would all go out and buy a ton of reserves on this news.

So why would they make such an announcement and yet keep it out of the mainstream news and more importantly than that have no immediate activation of the new currency rates? If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, guess what maybe its a rat. I will explain.

Now lets look at something else also that amazed me-

So I asked myself what is going on here. Just last week at 2:15 pm on Thursday I got the exact same news from a source in Iraq. I keep good notes so I thought it was coincidental that we got the exact same message at the exact same day and time a week later, but now from the UN.

What is really going on here? Last week I also did not post the news since I did not believe it and had no second or third confirmation of it.

I have to ask myself a couple questions and we all should be asking the same or similar questions to ourselves.

1- are they trying to smoke out someone or some organization with this news?

2- are they trying to see how fast it filters down to the RV conference calls?

3- are they trying to see the public response to such news, like we are guiny pigs buying up more dinar?

4- are they trying to filter out a leak in their organization?

5- are they just trying to plainly confuse us at these last times prior to the real event?

My conclusion to all this is we wait and see. But it is now almost 10 am EST and still no RV so the proof that the reason the info was given out is probably one of the 5 reasons above or something else.

Maybe they tried to push the new rates again to the banks and had issues? Who knows.

I do believe we are close and just the fact that we are seeing confusing stuff like this confirms my believe even more.

I would not hold much credibilty to such news. In fact I always trusted my IMF source and to get such news makes we now wonder about the credibility of this source in the future.

Peace and Luv to you all,
Mnt Goat

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