If they are in Reno cashing out they would have to sign NDA and would not be allowed to give rate

8:55 PM [nano36] chrivers chrivers yes
8:55 PM [Dee1031] he said they are about to cash in so who do you believe
8:55 PM [glryan10] Dee1031 do you really believe that? what is the rate please?

8:56 PM [georgiamom57] I would imagine if they are in Reno cashing out they would have to sign NDA and would not be allowed to give rate

8:56 PM [glryan10] Dee1031 maybe you should bet your friend 100K dinar that they cash in now and show you the cash….. or they owe you

8:56 PM [georgiamom57] good idea
8:57 PM [Dee1031] they sign an nda they can’t do that
8:57 PM [glryan10] georgiamom57 if i bet everytime someone said they cashed in I would be rich
8:57 PM [faithworks2] glryan10 –Treat this as rumor…possible rate is $XX.XX.
8:57 PM [glryan10] Dee1031 sorry dont believe that either

8:58 PM [georgiamom57] glryan10 yea me to
8:58 PM [glryan10] faithworks2 i will not take less than $60
8:58 PM [georgiamom57] faithworks2 where did that come from?

8:58 PM [faithworks2] Well, a girls gotta dream doesn’t she?
8:58 PM [msjeta1] Dee1031 did she say if they were in group?

8:59 PM [nano36] GODSWARRIORDAN things are jumping in the house tonight
8:59 PM [chrivers] faithworks2 well, will gve U one thing, when U dream U dream BIG!!!

8:59 PM [glryan10] michigander0131 that guy reminds me of snoopy from charlie brown when he laughed
8:59 PM [Dee1031] msjeta1 they are
8:59 PM [Dee1031] tk is on the same page and he has been the past few days

8:59 PM [michigander0131] glryan10 yes it does

9:00 PM [msjeta1] Dee1031 Dee1031 did she happen to say which one?? I have heard a a couple and took it as rumer

9:00 PM [Dee1031] msjeta1 she happens to know some of the group that are in Reno and this one who called her said they are about to cash in

9:01 PM [faithworks2] chrivers –Why have a little-bitty dream when you can have a great-big one? Enjpy it while you can!

9:01 PM [Dee1031] I am getting this from a freind ,so who knows what is actually going on in reno

9:01 PM [goodgrins] why reno thou
9:01 PM [msjeta1] goodgrins main location for WF
9:01 PM [Dee1031] yep
9:01 PM [goodgrins] oh
9:01 PM [Dee1031] why would this person tell her they are about to cash in

9:02 PM [Dee1031] I have known my friend a very long time,I don’t think she would lie to me
9:02 PM [msjeta1] Dee1031 who knows I wonder what rate they are getting

9:02 PM [michigander0131] Dee1031 well we will know soon enough
9:02 PM [Dee1031] msjeta1 I heard it will be high and tier 2 will be high too

9:02 PM [Dee1031] michigander0131 yes
9:02 PM [Honeybee] Dee1031 a true friend ……wouldnt be stringing you along…… I dont think!

9:02 PM [chrivers] Dee1031 I pray she is right on target!!
9:03 PM [Dee1031] Honeybee I know
9:03 PM [nano36] Dee1031 I will be so happy if this is over, and willl be happy with what I get. If too low, I will hang on to some for later

9:03 PM [Dee1031] chrivers me too.I was so ready to sell my dinar today
9:03 PM [Dee1031] nano36 whatever the rate is, its more then we have now

9:04 PM [michigander0131] imo it will not be over 3.00 but what do i know

9:04 PM [Dee1031] michigander0131 what about the ones with codes?
9:04 PM [chrivers] what’s the call?? anyone
9:04 PM [michigander0131] Dee1031 i dont believe that their are codes /sorry
9:04 PM [chrivers] Dee1031 wow, never been that discouraged, but have been disappointed as the others…

9:05 PM [chrivers] michigander0131 U don’t believe that banks r going to give a perk to groups with millions and millions, so they choose their bank??
9:05 PM [Dee1031] michigander0131 I didn’t either but my friend told me its true

9:06 PM [michigander0131] chrivers NO but thats my opinion
9:07 PM [chrivers] michigander0131 ok… to each hia own, but I choose to believe otherwise, or generals64, and other group heads that say they deal with head bankers, are lying to us… :(

9:07 PM [Dee1031] these groups have A L O T of dinars …the bank is going to make out very good
9:08 PM [michigander0131] the banks are going to make out no matter what

9:08 PM [nano36] If it is only for the big, big boys, we may never really know if they had codes or not. It will make no difference to us anyway.
9:08 PM [chrivers] Dee1031 exactly why they would do anything to get u in their bank not the competitors…

9:08 PM [Dee1031] chrivers yep
9:08 PM [faithworks2] nano36 –True.
9:08 PM [Dee1031] nano36 they signed up for the codes that’s all it is
9:08 PM [chrivers] um, a dollar on the rate would make a nice difference!! :)

9:08 PM [Dee1031] they aren’t any big shots,but they do have a lot of dinars
9:09 PM [Honeybee] Dee1031 nano36 well If it is true that theyre cashin in….the banks are making a wxception about staying open……. I am in the same state as Reno…..and iots 6:09 here…..banks close at 5: where I am

9:10 PM [rgone] Did TK say he was coming back in tonight?
9:10 PM [Honeybee] * sorry exception

9:10 PM [michigander0131] chrivers and why would they want to pay more than the going rate to get your service/doesnt make sense

9:10 PM [Dee1031] Honeybee that is exactly what I said to my friend and she said they are keeping them open well Wells Fargo anyway

9:11 PM [Honeybee] Dee1031 yes where I am and also in Las vegas WF banks normally close at 5:00

9:11 PM [Dee1031] My friend is telling me she actually just got off the phone with someone who is in Reno and he said we are waiting to cash in I am sure she wouldn’t lie to me

9:12 PM [chrivers] michigander0131 um, ok… let’s see, millions of dollars they have access to because you put your funds in their bank versus u giving another top 4 bank your millions of dollars so they can invest it and make money… um no brainer!! :)

9:12 PM [michigander0131] chrivers um ok !
9:12 PM [Honeybee] It really “could be” true!…..this is a big One time happenning deal!
9:13 PM [Dee1031] Let’s just pray its true

9:14 PM [faithworks2] Dee1031 –Agreed! Prayer changes things if you are praying for the right reasons.

9:15 PM [Dee1031] michigander0131 tk seems to be on the same page as my friend I can’t see why she would lie to me anyway I’m outta here for a while bbl Come on RV!!

9:16 PM [faithworks2] Dee1031 –I certainly hope she is correct this time. So many are anxiously waiting.

9:16 PM [msjeta1] well for sure either way we must be close I am praying
9:16 PM [asgower] Dee1031 Wait for Tina !@!!

:18 PM [michigander0131] Dee1031 ok
9:18 PM [comsec] mangiabuona2 hey there!

9:19 PM [nano36] Dee1031 and I agree, she has no reason to lie to you – she is passing onn what what she is being told.

9:19 PM [mangiabuona2] CajunBelle IF it happens there will be a call nothing is 100%

9:20 PM [msjeta1] I remember seeing a post at least a month ago about third party deals so its entirely possible these are pre-rv stuff going on by private agreements jmo can’t remember who made the post darn it

9:20 PM [nano36] CajunBelle only if there is an RV
9:20 PM [stevhens777] Can anyone tell me where TK gets his intel?
9:20 PM [faithworks2] CajunBelle –If TK receives more positive news tonight, he may ask for a conference call, but it will depend upon whether or not there is news to be shared.

9:21 PM [nano36] stevhens777 NO, he has sources, but would be foolish to reveal them.
9:21 PM [faithworks2] stevhens777 –That is private and known only to him and probably on a “need-to-know-basis” only.

9:23 PM [stevhens777] nano36 im not asking for him to give up his sources, just general ballpark

9:23 PM [michigander0131] 10/02/2012 12:00 am Breach of quorum postpones vote on the project to next Tuesday Baghdad, Karbala – morning 15 counties announced yesterday, support for infrastructure and law demanded that the House of Representatives to expedite the enactment of the law.

Comes at a time in which he described by senior government officials, the law that will save Iraq from its crises in the service areas of various sectors and contribute to the reduction of time in the implementation of strategic projects. The heads of the 15 governorates councils participated in a conference held in the city of Karbala on Monday, support for infrastructure law, and demanded that members of the House of Representatives to speed up the approval.

9:24 PM [michigander0131] this is definantly very important to our investment/hope they can get it done soon

9:24 PM [Bushog] Has anyone tried to get on the Professors’ call tonight. After I put in the pin #, a recording comes on and says how many are on the call and the call is being recorded — but there there is no sound.

9:26 PM [jgrines] michigander0131 i thought they didn’t want it passed for M to abuse it
9:26 PM [michigander0131] dinarhero1 next tuesday they have suspended it to next tuesday because of a lack of people showing up jgrines cbi and allawi also but im just saying it is important to our investment

9:27 PM [dinarhero1] michigander0131 when was tht dated please
9:27 PM [Bushog] nano36 – yes, it is working now ty
9:28 PM [michigander0131] dinarhero1 oct 2

9:29 PM [dinarhero1] michigander0131 thank you its 4:30 am tue the 2nd right now there
9:29 PM [michigander0131] dinarhero1 yes this is when news usually starts to come out for the next day
9:30 PM [dinarhero1] got it thanks again

9:31 PM [michigander0131] 10/02/2012 1:15 am Yasser incumbent Iraq is approaching the possibility of integration with the global economy and this step you need to package of measures and laws supportive of this approach, but these steps are slow for many reasons in the forefront of contrast prominent in the acceptance of this approach among politicians and that appears in the block legislation, which falls under the banner of this trend.

Perhaps the most important Miakd what came from the wishes of the words of Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Council d. Rose Nuri Shaways in a speech to the British Economic Forum when he said: that Iraq strides in the start-up of reforms and laws provide for integration with the global economy.

9:31 PM [michigander0131] dinarhero1 your welcome last article very telling of laws that still need to be passed in order for them to deal internationally
9:36 PM [glryan10] michigander0131 not good :(

9:37 PM [georgiamom57] michigander0131 they just make me nauseated they are so slow
9:41 PM [michigander0131] glryan10 they are getting there just on there time not ours

9:44 PM [glryan10] michigander0131 i stopped paying attention just having fun
9:45 PM [michigander0131] glryan10 yes me too for the most part/ill know when we are getting close when i see some things done over there

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