Iraq MUST have an internationally tradable currency with a rate of AT LEAST 1:1

[captaincaveman] Iraq vp meets with kuwaiti prime minister in new york i like the part saying THEY(Kuwait) signed the agreements in confidence

raptor22] Captaincaveman as in past tense signed?

[captaincaveman] Raptor article is from yesterday

[kenbo] Captain Caveman they show more confidence that I do I’ve never seen Iraq follow through with what they promise about kuwait

[BigB] captaincaveman Morning news….”Official: China Underestimated Global Slowdown”

[BigB] Stitch Has anyone else made notice of the “timing” of this call this evening with FWB?

[BigB] Stitch I find it very interesting that this should occur on a late Thursday evening at the end of the month, the end of the quarter.
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[childofgod] BigB What do you think about the call being at 10PM?

[Stitch] BigB the timing is indeed curious and we are anticipating the possibility of some awesome information!! Happy

[childofgod] BigB Maybe that was the only time Studley and the Special Guest and FB could get together

[captaincaveman] I hope no one is buying into blainos suggestion that Iraq doesn’t need to RV before chap VII release. Iraq MUST have an internationally tradable currency with a rate of AT LEAST 1:1 to the dollar in order to be released from chap VII….plain and simple

[Stitch] BigB excellent points…. grin

[blessedandhighlyfavored] BigB 10pm..and the RV may happen while we are on the call…

[raptor22] Where is the call time?

[BigB] childofgod There are other calls in the evening scaheduled but this is quite late. Makes you go HMMMMM….

[spades] it was speculation just a joke probably studlys mystery guest could be a wf contact with codes it is non important

[BigB] Stitch Obviously, Studley’s guest is someone with clout and/or position. FWB also said that this is his one and only conference call.

[BigB] captaincaveman Studley may be on a gag order but I doubt his guest is.

[captaincaveman] MMaybe they’re having a cc to finally tell us what WAS holding this up for so long

[childofgod] BigB Well, maybe they wanted to do the call after the other calls – Who really knows? LOL

[BigB] childofgod I’m on the east coast so it appears late for me but not the west coasters.

captaincaveman] The rv will not be announce anywhere before the Iraqi government announces it to their citizens.

[BigB] captaincaveman childofgod I’m betting the guest is either a WF executive (per someone’s previously post) or a government person.

[childofgod] BigB Im with you – Im guessing a bank person

[spades] I am sure whomever it is they will have some facts to back studly up .

[captaincaveman] I have a question. We have heard that Iraq is out of chapter7 and we’ve heard they aren’t. The UN security council is the one to release them from sanctions. Question is…Do they have to speak to the UN General assembly for it to be official.?

[childofgod] captaincaveman I was trying to get that same answer last night from cruiser

[Stitch] deb2blessed whether we get definitive answers or not, the questions provoke our thought processes… grin

[captaincaveman] Stitch I think the UNSC released them back in June or July when they visited Iraq., but maybe the banking aspect wasn’t ready. So maybe they’re using the UN General debate to finally make it official.

[Stitch] captaincaveman that sounds plausible….will be very interesting as we watch events unfold.

[moonchild] captaincaveman I do not think so but that is simply an opinion. The reason is that what the UNSC does is independent of what goes on in the General Assembly.

moonchild] I keep wondering how long a definitive resolution to the global economic problems can be put off. Lagarde wanted a resolution by Oct. 1. QE3 will only make things worse and not help anybody except the banks and what is going on in Europe is a non starter also. somewhere out there there is a straw and when it is added to the mess, the whole thing will collapse.

[moonchild] ever since I was a young adult it seemed obvious to me that people could not continuously live on credit butc the Fed has still not figured that out since they are trying to coax people whose problem is that they already owe too much, to borrow more. Someone get the men with straightjackets, fast!

OILGENRL7] We have allowed our elected officials to take care of our country “and boy they only took care of themselves”….Theu have created all the problems we now face…PERIOD…..Now ” we the people” need to correct it!!!

[heyu288] GM have you heard that China will be on a week long holiday next week? Cnbc talking about some kind of stimulus coming out of China before they close tomorrow?????

MIG Tidbits:

[fmc1] Anybody… Do you know where it says that Iraq MUST have an internationally tradable currency with a rate of AT LEAST 1:1 to the dollar in order to be released from chap VII? Ive heard it for years now wondering where it is at.

[BOBGETZ6] fmc1 I am not sure, but will find out.

[BOBGETZ6] fmc1 Per my source…Iraq has to have an internationally tradeable currency but does not have to be 1:1. The IMF has to approve the rate however and they must know that the currency rate is sustainable.

[fmc1] BOBGETZ6 any idea where it can be seen?

[xyz] China’s central bank injected a net 365 billion yuan ($57.92 billion) into money markets this week, traders said, the largest weekly injection in history

[xyz] Official: China Underestimated Global Slowdown China severely underestimated this year’s global economic slowdown and further cuts to Chinese interest rates or bank reserve requirements hinge on any new deterioratioration in the external environment.

[dsatmhk7] Let’s say they need an RV toi get out of Chap. 7 – but the RV isn’t under their control………..SO, all this time, they could have been out, but the PTB gets to decide when it RV’s? If you put all of that together, NONE of it makes any sense.

[cashinqueen] Kaperoni is saying the bank that is designated to float the rv is in testing for 17 days so no rv for at least 17 days than green light

[xyz] Ex-Credit Suisse trader faces US extradition Former Credit Suisse trader Kareem Serageldin has been arrested in London and now faces extradition to the US on fraud charges involving subprime mortgage bonds worth $3bn (£1.9bn).

[eleanor] October-This month is considered “money month”…. there are 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, and 5 Wednesdays.. this happens ONCE every 823 years … post thru the day please,

[cashinqueen] That 5..5.5 is called money bags- yahoo

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