Iraqi Dinar Revaluation in the midst of a global currency reset

4-18-13 White Rhino:    When you add the Chinese currency swaps (Well over 20 other nations), the announcement of the BRICS Development Bank, the announcement of a Yuan currency HUB in France to compete with London, to your statements a clear picture emerges of the tremendous pressure on the US FIAT Dollar.

So, you have to ask yourself. What financial shocker could force trillions of dollars worth of foreign investment into the United States?? What financial shocker could create 400 US millionaires over-night?

What financial shocker would allow the US to pay off some/most of the debt relieving GLOBAL economic pressure. What shocker would once again encourage investment, small business, employment, economic growth, and a rising GDP.

For the Banksters, what shocker would provide capital for the insolvent Central Banks, keep the price of GOLD down, free up currency for lending and growth, stymie the threat aginst the US FIAT Dollar by the BRICS and Chinese currency swaps, revive their criminal FIAT currency system, while maintaining the confidence in a corrupt Stock Market, and a worthless US FIAT Dollar.

The only thing on earth that I can think of with the RESOURCES to back such a financial shocker is an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation in the midst of a global currency reset.

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