Iraqi dinar will increase substantially by mid 2014

8-21-2013 Kaperoni:    This is direct from Iraqi TV today. Iraqi dinar will increase substantially by mid -2014…but more importantly this…Iraq will join international currency organizations in the near future. that can only mean Forex folks! they not waiting… they said, its value will be substantial by mid 2014. that means they need to start soon raising the value if they expect to meet that goal.

[Q.  So you believe the float will start soon? (Not Iraqi soon I hope)?]

A.  yes

[Q.  that doesn’t mean it will start at the 1160 that you say it could start at above a dollar right]

A.  it can start anywhere they want…just get it going. I think that is very good and no articles have it…that news [came] from Iraqi TV.

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