It’s getting ridiculous already

[HeIsFaithful] BWM It’s getting ridiculous already! All these “gurus” trying to be smarter than the next guy and then whoever is in charge of this…just pushing it off again and again and again and…. I mean what the heck??

[BWM] HeIsFaithful if you haven’t noticed how they have continually given you a date… only to move the date BUT tell you the new date is the date they are sticking with… well until they need another date

[wisewarrior] BWM i heard a certain bank in china set a cut of date for this thing to go down……..did you hear anything about that?

[BWM] wisewarrior they can set all the dates they want…but if they need to change it they would

[wisewarrior] what if it was a serious deadline?

[BWM] wisewarrior look out there and define serious for me… I mean really has it not been “serious” yet?

[HeIsFaithful] BWM That is the part I don’t get….how can they just keep putting it off?? the whole economic thing is getting crazier by the minute…

[BWM] HeIsFaithful look at it this way… we’ve heard how Iraq can’t put it off and Greece is falling apart and the EU is crumbling… but yet money continues to flow and be printed

[BWM] HeIsFaithful my favorite one is when they say..” you don’t know who you’re dealing with” yeah.. keep sitting at that computer and being “brave”

[BWM] if they could only put it into perspective surely they could see how foolish it looks.. but somehow they do it week after week

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