Maliki, Shabibi, Talabani and Barzani will RV on Thursday

Head of the secular Iraqiya coalition Allawi, Iraq's Prime Minister al-Maliki, Iraq's President Talabani and Kurdish President Barzani are seen at a parliament session in Baghdad

[shasta7] Awesome New 1 oz Silver Coin! Portraying Death to the Central Bankers and Rothschilds Control …

[MtnStar] the RV iis out of Iraq’s hands – they will benefit greatly from it – the PTB are so above the governments – they do not car eabout chat – the do not care about our elections – it is their greed and control.

[mbd4049] MtnStar partially true, they are a greedy bunch

[NuffSaid] MtnStar that is what concerns me. The PTB do not seem to have any urgency. They dont want to lose power and control

[MtnStar] NuffSaid no there is no urgency – but they do want to realign the power and monies of the world, so they may ultimately be our allies – but rest assured like cruiser stated the dollar is going lower

[hog1] There has to be bad PTB and good PTB. One is trying to make a change and the other does not want to lose control. Somewhere there has to be some good guys.

[MtnStar] hog1 there are good goverments and negative govt as well as good corporations (maybe haha) – but the PTB – it is all greed and control – this investment is goin to be NOT playing into their hands – but seeing what they are doing and doing it ourselves

[mbd4049] NuffSaid Maliki of all people is not responsible for pushing the button

[MtnStar] mbd4049 yes yes yes – if he could have we do know it would have benefited him to have done it

[weimar_police] mbd4049 in a general sense, who is?

[mbd4049] NuffSaid out of his hands too

[mbd4049] weimar_police Madame Wu of China, she holds all the cards at this point, just sayin’

[weimar_police] mbd4049 months ago, everyone said that china was the driving force for the VND, then it just died out

[MtnStar] mbd4049 because she is the ULTIMATE speaker for the elite (PTB)

[kyf58] mbd4049 who pushes the button?

[mbd4049] kyf58 china

[Tenizen] great… ao if maliki isnt in the UN meeting, pointless to lookmat it

[mbd4049] weimar_police well months ago she and the IMF didn’t see eye to eye and so she left, now she’s back and we should be grateful because we COULD easily go to double digits

[sailman] mbd4049 I thought China was out of it — where are you hearing She is back ??

[1biz4u] mbd4049 when was this said and by whom?

[Tenizen] MtnStar but its potential… wasnt aware Wu was back in play

[MtnStar] sailman they never left

[NuffSaid] mbd4049 just curious if Legarde has any control of this also

[mbd4049] MtnStar China left but has returned, they just can’t give up all those dollars

[MtnStar] mbd4049 I have been studying and researching – to me this is where the trail ends – and China is where they want the power to be now – so we just play with them and then are NOT controlled by them – that is the ultimate laugh

[1biz4u] mbd4049 about the double digits?

[NuffSaid] mbd4049 any thoughts with the chaos in the ME right now? Is this an issue?

[mbd4049] NuffSaid not sure, but don’t think so

[mbd4049] NuffSaid hopefully this will rv before the ME implodes

[NuffSaid] mbd4049 so true. that is a major reason if the rates comes in low I may not wait for it to increase.

[MtnStar] mbd4049 I think we will see a false sense of stability for a short time to let the RV happen – then the PTBs will not care what happens there

[mbd4049] NuffSaid I guess that would be something to consider

[sailman] mbd4049 Thanks for your input but I haven’t seen anywhere that China is back other than here — have you found or recieved more up-to-date information outside of the posts on recaps etc.

[mbd4049] sailman sorry can’t say but she IS meeting with IMF

[dealdoctor] Hey guys! What be the news?

[bailey2..] dealdoctor we pray and wait!!!!

[dealdoctor] bailey2.. So Recaps is all over the place. Cruiser makes sense to me. I do think it logical, whatever that means, that the UN could release or has already released Iraq from 7, the conference in London lets the big investors know that Iraq will sell bonds, Maliki,Shabs,Talibani, and Barzini RV on Thursday …logical but what does that mean when dealing with Iraq????

[moonchild] and if they are looking for a time when nobody is expecting it, then the time when Maliki, Talabani and Shabibi are out of the country would seem to be a very good choice.

[dealdoctor] bailey2.. The rate senerio has 1000 different slants. I do think over time the IQD must certanly match Kuwait. It could come out high and drop, some say low and go up, others that it might just be around $3.60 at the start. In any event I think we will make much money on this investment.

[bailey2..] dealdoctor from what i am to understand, even if it comes out as a free float( CE) It states in the Iraq constitution, that the dinar will come back at pre Sudam amt… plus inflation, which should be around 3 something

[dealdoctor] bailey2.. that is in their constitution?

[bailey2..] That is what I have heard

[dealdoctor] bailey2.. needs to be in ours :)

[mbd4049] dealdoctor FYI, the dinar will be at pre Sadam everywhere BUT at WF. If you decide to not use WF then you will get the rate that Iraq has, i.e., $3.50s, BUT if you use WF China will buy all the dinars from all of us at a premium rate. just sayin’

[dealdoctor] mbd4049 is that with the code from Studley?

[mbd4049] dealdoctor yes it is

[bailey2..] dealdoctor It has also been stated that if it comes out as a manages float, it could only increase 2 % every 90 days

[massman1] mbd4049 if we go to WF, doesn’t the dinar go back to the treasury??? How does it go to China???

[mbd4049] massman1 WF is 51% owned by China

[1biz4u] massman1 china part owner WF

[mbd4049] massman1 haven’t you noticed that all the other banks are in trouble, but not WF hmmmmmmmm

[SCgunner] mbd4049 and there is the spread, the difference between what the bank pays for the dinar and what the ust pays the bank for same :)

[obxlady1] That 2% is growing exponentially every 90 days right?

[mbd4049] SCgunner yep, China wants our dinar so they can try and get more oil credits from Iraq

[SCgunner] mbd4049 I kinda thought that the bank had to turn in dinars to the ust

[mbd4049] SCgunner and China is willing to pay big for our dinar

[wheezer2] mbd4049 hey there, is this info from your sources for your thoughts?

mbd4049] wheezer2 can’t say but not me

[Bravo] Its a free market.I say if American banks not owned by Chinese want your dinar they can always offer more.

[mbd4049] SCgunner not if China is part owner of WF

mbd4049] SCgunner China backed out for a while, but just can’t give up that money

[spades] he who has the money makes the rules mbd4049

[mbd4049] spades yep

[Coffeeone] tsm I wonder how much of America they own? :cheerleader: :cheerleader:

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] tsm china does not own WF

[bailey2..] tsm I wasn’t desputing it hon, just said I didn’t know for fact, but I have heard!!!

[tsm] Coffeeone : they might own some of the US

[2mater] tsm sure thought so – will read more

[mbd4049] Coffeeone actually not as much as people think, China sold off a lot of our debt last year and you really don’t want to know to whom

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] tsm it is a public traded company and buffet is largest shareholder

[tsm] DRAKEFORTRUTH : That what I was trying to get across

[tsm] DRAKEFORTRUTH : it the tell a big enough lie…often enough…it becomes fact..we have TOO much of that fact in this Dinar world

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