(Members Chat): Intel4U 8/22/12

Jeff] talking to my banker friends last night over dinner; “time value of money is becoming negative”.[Jeff] This means that there is an inversion with country’s interest rates which means the forecasting of interest rates are becoming negative.

[Jeff] What this means is that if I give you money I am usually going to get some kind of interest rate payment on said loan

[Jeff] Interest rates long term are dropping everywhere long term due to global shifting of economies this is bad and is just another metric that shows us something must be done soon. From my friends and that is all folks (porky pig looney tune )

[cruiser] Jeff negative intrest rates. Not good.. How will central banks make any money lol

[cruiser] Jeff They better startbuying gold lol

[Jeff] cruiser that is exactly what I was told last night

[Jeff] cruiser QE3 was dabbled in last night and they agreed with your commentary a few days back good job on that one

[cruiser] Jeff Let you in on a secret. I was told gold is going to _____

[Jeff] cruiser I was being facetious bro

[cruiser] captaincaveman you can take a guess at the gold price also_______

[captaincaveman ] Soar skyrocket

[cruiser] Jeff captaincaveman You will not believie it. 2k Not even close!!!

[captaincaveman ] 4k

[Jeff] cruiser I was told 5K then would drop like a rock

[weimar_police] and I was just going to buy a 1/4 of an eigth of an oz of gold

[cruiser] captaincaveman Jeff you guys must talk to the same person roflamo

[cruiser] Jeff The drop off. Not likely. Supply and demand issue.

[Jeff] cruiser once fully liquid they say to me drop off back to normal levels whatever the market will dictate that to be

captaincaveman ] Skyrocket then flatline- Level off

[cruiser] Jeff will take about 2 years. Gold is getting scarce right now. Time for more mining to occur.

[captaincaveman ] Cruiser where can we find a lot of gold yet to be tapped?

[andisgram1] cruiser Mining companies are expanding like crazy right now

[Jeff] cruiser as stated earlier market will dictate that timeline unknown depends upon forgiveness of debts and new baselines

[cruiser] captaincaveman Jeff What do you guys think of Japan and their export number last night? Scary!!

[andisgram1] captaincaveman large pocket of gold have been discovered recently

[pmw1973] captaincaveman gold rush! jungle…

[puppylove] Drod andisgram1 gm

[captaincaveman ] Maybe under Baghdad streets?

[cruiser] captaincaveman There is a lot of untapped mines in the world. They cannot raise the capital to start the mining process.

[Jeff] cruiser very interesting

[Jeff] cruiser there you go

[andisgram1] captaincaveman US, Africa, Canada< S America

[Jeff] supply of gold is there but once tapped who knows

[SCgunner] cruiser question? can you provide one, just one, example of the unavailability of gold? If gold is scarce and hard to procure does the current price per ounce reflect the demand and lack of product?

[captaincaveman ] Cruiser I know. lol I was being sarcastic

[goofy] cruiser this is why I invested in gold and silver mining companies

[andisgram1] Hubby works for a large gold mine.   They are expanding fast. avg 3500 ounces a day.At just one of their mines

[captaincaveman ] I know a few gold diggers lol

[Jeff] captaincaveman lol

cruiser] SCgunner With gold becoming a tier 1 asset, it will be used by EVERY Bank in the world


[SCgunner] cruiser and that supports the lack of available gold?

[cruiser] goofy ok investment, but feel you need to own the actual bars ( hard asset).

[Lord Xerxes] Has anyone heard any news on the Austrian corona (gold)

[rustyc] Its just like oil production will increase as demand and price increase.

[captaincaveman ] Cruiser didn’t US banks just buy 200 billion worth of gold?

[cruiser] captaincaveman believe so.

[SCgunner] cruiser bars are a no, no, the US government can simply make it illegal to own gold

[cruiser] SCgunner Think about it. Every bank in the world has to own it. Every central bank will back thier currency with it. Most of electronics have some sort of it.

[SCgunner] gold should only be held in coinage as collectors items

[Lord Xerxes] I heard bars are a no no as well

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