No need to worry about how Iraq can support anything. We will be getting paid.


[cruiser] Good Evening All! Penny and Nickel Coins to be Phased Out in 2013

[Doug] .505Gibbs supposed that US is doing away with 1 cent and 5 cent

[bouv] top_gun we need to put a coin slot in the brb room now roflmao

[cruiser] “In 2011, the U.S. mint made over 4.9 billion pennies, at a cost of $118 million to make. That is $236 million to produce only $49 million worth of pennies, a loss of $187 million in minting costs. Minting the nickel coin also represents a significant loss in revenue.”

[ [captaincaveman] cruiser when can we retire? This is beginning to feel like the sign at Hooter’s that says “Free Beer TOMORROW”…show up the next day and it still says tomorrow. rofl

[Doug] cruiser amen

[cruiser] captaincaveman Nothing you could do but wait.

[.505Gibbs] cruiser How is the economy in iraq going to handle a minimum rv with no coinage or small bill to make change?

[Doug] the dime could be gone by 2014

[captaincaveman] cruiser they should make pennies and nickels out of plastic

[cruiser] .505Gibbs who cares. I am not worried about Iraq. I am worried about me getting paid. That is all I care about.

[.505Gibbs] cruiser that is my point …. the printing of 250, 500 and 1000 dinar notes is probably cover for coining small bills and coins to make change after rv

[cruiser] captaincaveman They should retire cash and just go digital. Make it so the banks cannot charge you for using a debit card and save all of this money by not printing bills and coins.

[captaincaveman] .505Gibbs youre like 6 months behind in your info

[cruiser] .505Gibbs That was already done a while ago.

[.505Gibbs] cruiser thanks, I had not heard

[cruiser] .505Gibbs No need to worry about how Iraq can support anything. We will be getting paid for our belief and time and suffering in this crazy historical investment.

[.ladybug65] cruiser ln your opinion, do you think we will see the RV this year? thanks

[cruiser] .ladybug65 better!!

[.ladybug65] cruiser I was hoping thats what you would say!

[Rocky49] cruiser Have you heard any good rates on the VND. Of course I read about the $3.47 for the Dinar for this Sunday, but nothing on the VND.

[cruiser] Rocky49 I have heard crazy rates, but until it is live, none of it matters.

[weimar] Cruiser, soon I hope 😉

[Rocky49] cruiser That is true.

[cruiser] weimar that would be nice.

[SGD3] Rocky49 Where did you read that?

[Rocky49] SGD3 It was in Dinar recaps today. The story was that the UN was going to vote Thursday on Iraq Chapter 7 and the RV will happen 72 hours later or Sunday Afternoon. As always treat all info as rumor until you get to the bank, then treat it as a blessing from God.

[alohadinar] cruiser Dates seem more important tha rates. Nobody has been right on date yet, but we certainly do not know who is wrong or right on rates until it happens

[cruiser] alohadinar That is the first hurdle. After we cross that marker, everything else is easy.

[Digs] Rocky49 the only vote happenng at the UN this Thursday is that that concerns Palestians Bid For State Hood.. nothing to do with the IQD or VND unfortunately…

[cruiser] Digs UN has Nothing to do with the VND at all!!

[Digs] cruiser i know

[okrocks] Rocky49 maybe we read something different , I read UN and the Players are meeting to sign off on chpt 7… ugh cannot remember who…. maybe poppy

[2mater] Rocky49 I didn’t see it either – but sure appreiate you posting – nice heart rate for a minute or two


[presley] Iraq to help Jordan with free crude oil Iraq says it is giving neighboring Jordan 100,000 barrels of oil as a gift to help overcome its economic difficulties. The Associated Press November 27, 2012

[mbillions] presley Interesting…

[presley] At the disposal of the Shatt al-Arab and the Voice of Iraq .. 10% commission leaders in the “call” of the arms deal!! 28/11/2012 12:00

[cisco411] hello castle

[mbillions] cisco411 Hi sweetie…

[cisco411] puppylove my day is complete

[presley] Merrill Lynch: Iraq the fastest growing country in the world due to increase of oil production 27-11-2012 – 08:00

[cisco411] I am so ready to retire!

[puppylove] cisco411 me too!!

[OILGENRL7] cisco411 wheres rv?

[mbillions] cisco411 Me too… what day are you retiring? roflmao JK

[dwg14] cisco411 i 2nd that

[dwg14] cisco411 got any new info

[presley] Maybe a RV on Wed.?? rofl >>>> A full moon lunar eclipse will take place on Wednesday November 28, 2012

[BLESSME] Cisco411 what the good news. Long time no see

[cisco411] BLESSME there is a reason for that

[marmeysue] cisco411 Hey Cisco what is the good word?

[BLESSME] Cisco411 can you share anything today?

[cisco411] the good word is that we are really close.

[musiccitylady] cisco411 how close is “really close” roflmao

[cisco411] I had someone who actually knows what they are talking about explain the importance of silence

[cisco411] musiccitylady your guess is as good as mine

[musiccitylady] Silence Is Golden roflmao

[[heyu288] cisco411 ummmmmm what every parent of a teenager prayers for???? roflmao

[cisco411] I have made a promise to all of you what I put out there I back up

[nolaspice] cisco411 we are glad just to have you come chat – so dont be a stranger

[cisco411] and when I am wrong I correct it and tell you why

[heyu288] cisco411 are you not happy???

[cisco411] right now all I can say is that I just wanted to come in and visit with you all

[cisco411] heyu288 I am elated and excited

[heyu288] cisco411 Then I am too!!! but can we play?? :

[cisco411] I will not go into detail but I learned the difference between a currency exchange and an rv

[cisco411] guys do your research and stay grounded and see that all signs point to NOW

[cisco411] I got to run be back on at 9cst

[cisco411] As always…. I hope you RV before I return

[puppylove] cisco411 bye see you later

[Jeff] cisco411 agreed with you fully

[Jeff] not that you need it

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