Reno is a scam

[xyz] CBI Boss Calls For Reform Of Offshore Tax – NOT ‘iraq central bank’! gotcha thud

[xyz] Hundreds of workers protested in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad this morning, to demand their rights and prosecute corrupt officials . “The goal of the demonstration is to eliminate corruption , prosecute corrupt officials , approval of the Unified Retirement Law, and enactment of the new social security system”.

[noway37] OK.. i got some dinar’s about 4 years ago and have got more though the years from “Safe Dinar” this morning i get a email from them. asking me to sign up for emails from exchange rate.. just found that weird..

[noway37] guess my question is.. has anyone else gotten this email that got some of their dinar from them..

[JstBringIt] noway37 hmmm, I have bought from SD as well. No email here yet……

[noway37] JstBringIt just found it wierd cause i havent got any from them for a few months.. but i am a member on their site and have got a few from them.. just seems with the timing a bit strange

[sandytob] noway37 what did the email say?

[JstBringIt] noway37 I haven’t bought from them in probably 6 months or so….bought some from sterling and tampa as well to make sure I had accounts and were on email lists for all

[noway37] sandytob its said…. You are receiving this because you have created an account or previously made an order on We are now offering an exchange rate alert notification and a newsletter that we’ll send out to you periodically to update you on relevant news and exciting new promotions.

[noway37] JstBringIt i have gotten them from SD, treusary vault, and a couple other places.. BUT have never gotten anything from SD before, as far as emails and all.


[Rocky49] Shining Any good news this morning?

Shining] Rocky49 VERY good!!!

[redhead1] Shining – so glad to see you this morning – everyone is awake with high hopes today – hope your source is still valid – but you have given it your best

Shining] redhead1 everyone needs to stay in high hopes, it’s all good

[Shining] Rocky49 ever hear the term “silence is golden”? That’s where WE are, and that’s where I am happy

[redhead1] Shining – I did speak to my pastor friend who was trying to cash out with the Indian Group in Reno – they have been there 2 days with expenses but so far – no cash and no vouchers – he is suppose to text me if anything happens.

[redhead1] Shining – to me it shows your belief and credibility that you keep returning to the room to keep us posted

[Rocky49] Shining It goes with a phone call I got last night to be careful what you post. That was from a member of the investment group I am in.

[Shining] Rocky49 yeppers, the big SHUT UP

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] Reno is a scam, people are still thinking they will be able to cash out

[redhead1] Drakeforth – so far that seems to be the case – he thinks he is a Tier 1 recipient is the reason he is there but I still do not understand the package he is being offered and keep saying “do not give up your dinar” – so far he still has it

DRAKEFORTRUTH] redhead1 people have been warned but still do not listen, I almost do not feel sorry for them anymore,

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] Do not give up your dinar unless you are sitting in a US bank, with a US banker

[redhead1] Drakeforth – he is trying to save some real estate he was scammed on and he is grasping at straws to get the money to take care of the obligations – desperate times for desperate people.

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] redhead1 still everybody has been warned, and he is trying to fix one mistake with possibly another

[cruiser] DRAKEFORTRUTH you are 100%correct!!!!


[Stitch] cruiser hi

[redhead1] I told my friend who is in this with me that I am worried I might die before the RV and that I hope that God lets me live long enough for a major shopping trip at Chanel.

[Shining] redhead1 oh how fun that will be

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] The rucas in reno is one thing that is scaring the banks, if people cant handle themselves in reno, how do you think the masses will act when it comes for real

[Shining] DRAKEFORTRUTH since when do people “handle” themselves in Reno :superlachen:

[pastorart] DRAKEFORTRUTH I will handle it very well believe me

[Rocky49] redhead1 If it will make you feel better, if you do die before the RV, we will do a shopping trip to Chanel in your honor.

[redhead1] Rocky – thank you – be sure you buy size 6 because that is my dream before I go

[redhead1] Drakefortruth – if my estimates are right – Wells Fargo will have to processs 42 people in each bank each day for the first 10 days to just help those with appointments – think how difficult the ones without appointments are going to be.

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] redhead1 the ones without appointments will be asked to leave, its is not a right to do a currency exchange, it is at the discretion of the bank

[cruiser] This is almost comical.

[Shining] cruiser comical is good , it makes people happy happy

[cruiser] Shining yes it does, but it does not put money in their pockets and that will make everyone happy

[MtnStar] If you call the Denver Wells Fargo currency echange dept. You leave a message and they call you back – this has been the policy for years

[redhead1] Drakeforth/Cruiser – I keep hearing about the banks getting ready but I have not heard anything about increasing their security – is that mostly because these will be digital and paper transactions.

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] redhead1 its just a opinion but would think so

[cruiser] redhead1 there is a process. No one will walk out with cash in hand. That simple.

[Rocky49] cruiser The comic relief is needed. We do need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

[cllishof] Do we really think this will happen

[cruiser] cllishof I do. That is why I invested


[TORNADO] cruiser -IYO ,are we still on track for 2012. I believe congress is close to making a deal on the fiscal cliff……….

[redhead1] Rocky49 – I laugh at myself more than anyone else – it has helped me through rough times

[snuffys] are we there yet????????????????

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] redhead1 the problem is that most of the stuff that is discuss is just rumors and opinions to fill the time, everything that happens in the world , dinarians always try to tie to the dinar. Its a joke,

[nolaspice] Cllishof if you are speaking in terms of ever – why did you invest? Of course it’s gonna happen!!

[cruiser] TORNADO forget the fiscal cliff. It is a distraction. Of course they are going to make a deal. When is the question or should I say how long do they want to drag it out.

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] US Treasury notes for example, just a theory made up, not going to happen , at least pertaining to the dinar

[TORNADO] DRAKEFORTRUTH -Is the ust notes confirm or rumors???

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] Tornado it is bs

[cruiser] DRAKEFORTRUTH do you really want to go there???

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] TORNADO meet with my good friend who owns 4 banks and he says they been saying that for 10 years, and he deals with the UST daily,(banking business) it has never been discussed and they would be informed if it was

[cruiser] DRAKEFORTRUTH roflmao

[TORNADO] cruiser -Are you dis-agreeing with drakefortruth??

[cruiser] TORNADO Totally

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] cruiser yea I will, PROOF it, done talking about speculation

[redhead1] Drakeforth – I have seen you on other sites and typically you try to keep the hopeium down – are you in this because you think it is a good investment or just coasting to see what it will do?

[cruiser] DRAKEFORTRUTH in time. Just like you, I have people in banking that are saying the same thing. Ask your banking people about the NEW system? That will tell you all you need to know.

[TORNADO] cruiser –ty

[diamondd] TORNADO Cruiser is correct.

[TORNADO] cruiser -Are you saying the ust note will be introduce together with the new banking system???

[snuffys] ust notes have already been printed

[cruiser] TORNADO No. That system is in place. That is all I can really share about it.

[TORNADO] snuffys -Have you seen one??

[snuffys] no

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] redhead1 I think we have a good possiblilty of a good investment, but do not need the hopium to live day to day. The storys the theorys just to keep people going each day is unreal, do you really think Iraq is going to allow Kuwait to have a better currency then them

[redhead1] My biggest problem is that I cannot figure out how all of this ties together – the pp – the un – the CBI – the US Treasury Notes and most important who finally pushes the button and when – I do not even care that much about the rate.

[Oracle] cruiser Hi Dude(tte). So, a while ago, it was stated that the rv would happen and we needed to make sure we received UST bills instead of FED notes. The point was that the Dinar is asset backed and the fed is air-jordan backed and the UST is asset backed, so don’t trade asset backed currency for nothing

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] Think about this, they say that when we CE that we will be paid with the US Treasury notes, what when you go to a atm it pops out UST notes and other public that did not CE it will spit out normal cash, what the computers at the banks will have codes to determine who has old money and who has notes.

[cruiser] DRAKEFORTRUTH I am not saying the UST bills are out. Read what I said yesterday.

[okrocks] DRAKEFORTRUTH I do not think that is the way it works… there is a process and not all things at once

[TORNADO] cruiser -IYO,when is completion date for this project,just estimation ofcourse??

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] cruiser sorry cruiser, honestly not directed at you, did not know where you stood on this, just a coincidence that we might have a diff on this

[redhead1] I like the early morning discussions in this room because they actually pertain to our investment and news of what is happening.

[snuffys] ust & federalreserve notes will be used for about a year until federal reserve is phased out

[TORNADO] snuffys -I agree

[bamanana] redhead1 I agree, you sign on in the morning to find out what’s going on, you sign on at night to have fun and visit with our friends!

[cruiser] DRAKEFORTRUTH I do agree, a picture would be great, but they are not out yet.

[TORNADO] cruiser -spit it out

cruiser] TORNADO when it is over.

[bamanana] redhead1 lol Unfortunately, no one knows what’s happening, it’s all opinions and best guesses! But i like hearing those!!!

[musiccitylady] bamanana exactly

[Oracle] puppylove Of course some people know what is going on. It is just not us.

[puppylove] Oracle I hear that!!

[calibeach] If Obama wants this done by the Holidays he better hurry up!!!


[redhead1] Cruiser – are you giving any estimates on timing of the RV at this point or is it a sit and wait game – I think the gurus on Recaps are just repeating news items they have picked up and do not know.

[bamanana] I would love to ask Cruiser and Drakefortruth this question???? Will this happen this year or after the 1st of the year?

happen this year or after the 1st of the year?

[cruiser] redhead1 I did that once and never will again. It will be over when we are at the bank. That simple.

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] The thing is , a lot of dinarians are looking for intel, there is not anything to find out, when the decision is made it will happen, we do not know the plan of the PTB, we do not even know if it has been held back, thats just opinions of so called gurus, and they will not preannounce it

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] bamanana NOBODY knows, and anybody that claims it, number one has never been correct, this could happen now or a year from now

[okrocks] DRAKEFORTRUTH agreed, but a year from now will not take care of the plan I think, too far off IMO

[bamanana] redhead1 I didn’t expect an answer and it’s ok. He said he would never give date and rate again and he’s been true to his word. just had to ask roflmao

[cruiser] bamanana redhead1 Did not pass. Just being honest.

[redhead1] Cruiser – it is okay – we have seen how abusive it can be when people try to give rate and date – no problem.

[bamanana] DRAKEFORTRUTH Unfortunately, you’re right. That is why I don’t focus on it NEARLY as much as I used to. I have to plan for my future WITHOUT the rv and hope that someday it surprises me. right now, it would be a surprise


[bamanana] One thing i don’t believe……. people have cashed out……. no one, nada, no one no where has cashed out If so it would be double dipping and the PTBs won’t allow that

[nolaspice] Bamanana I have lost money in the stock market and never had so much fun or met as many amazing people or learned so much. Worth the price of admission so to speak!

[DRAKEFORTRUTH] bamanana Nobody has cashed out

[bamanana] Drakefortruth Agreed

[Instigator] Breaking News… Homemade Twinkee Recipe!!!

bamanana] But if we are putting it all out there this morning, I’m not as hopeful as I used to be, but I will never sell. Just in case! :) Middle east is just a mess and putting our hopes in something coming outta there makes me feel a little stupid at times! lol

[Instigator] Buy Dinar… Buy VND.. Eat Twinkees… Cashin Dinar… Cashin VND… Eat Twinkees… Does it get better? LOL

[redhead1] I just do not understand why China does not at least let the VND go – Viet Nam is coming up on tourist season and they need a better currency value.

[Instigator] redhead1 I’ve finally gotten my insurance policy and got some VND… just in case… Either button works for me now…

[bamanana] Instigator I have more faith in the VND than I do the dinar.

[redhead1] Instigator – now if they will let it go we can go to the bank together – yeah – I am ready

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