The Big M has to go to get either the country back on track… or we have to take our lumps

1-10-13 Capt.Cliff: Hey all since I got into this speculation and I have to admit it was from a friend who had a friend and customer dealing with Haiti ‘s reconstruction, he works for the IMF after the big shake. That was 2 years ago –at the same time he aquainted my friend with Adam Montana and OKIE–now that’s apair to fold on bet a football game–now we have been somewhat diligent with the arts here [really me}, rumors and chats—we opened our corp in the Seychelles, bank account in Belise.

Both platinum members–really hanging here on chats, rumors and news–I have now branched out further to get other point odd views –they all read or post the news and put their own perspective on them—most are pretty much as the same opinion as here with exception of a rate-no date. The absolute only thing I must differ with Adam here is he still states that Maliki is a good guy.

This dictator is not good for a free democratic country–I understan that 10 years further down the road Iraq will fall to the most dominant group but the Big M has to go to get either the country back on track to our successful conclusion or we have to take our lumps–now also if Iraq no matter who is in charge Rvs to .10 to start without resolving all the political problems –and float the currency to 1 to 1 then go to a managed rate will take years.

There is no secuirty there—even though it makes perfect sense not to pass up the money to be made by the CBI and strenthen IRAQ’s reserves, the part I want to be enlightened about is –since Iraq’s ability to borrow money on 2/23/13 ends and it was used to pay the short falls of their budget[well maybe] at .10, .25, .50 . 1.00 it will not cover the reported 138 million dollar [dinar?].

Budget short fall which they have been borrowing against all along, that is only assuming the kurds resume oil transport to bagdad and assuming again that bagdad pays thenm the 17% agreed upon–somone or many of our people here please take the time to give me their take on this –from Adam all the way down to the newbies—a sponge here want to try to sort all this out—it certainly can’t be pie in the sky.

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