The IQD Team: Highlights/Summary & Replay Conf Call Jan. 22 Latest Greatest Iraq Dinar & RV News: Dinar Recaps 01/23/2012

_The IQD Team Jan 22, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of CCConference Call Replay – Jan. 22, 2012 Download/Playback or 760-569-7699 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 760-569-7699 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Pin 769478#

_Thanks to Mark for the summaryHighlights & Summary of Tonights News:

THEME FROM SHANNAN after discussing the CBI news is “WHERE’S THE MONEY”

Great news discussion about CBI and the great 3 news articles

Mike answers the questions asked about why the CBI website could be down all day

Mike discusses his favorite article this week about Syria and how it relates to our investment – going to a managed float this week in Syria He explains Why now and why a managed float…and why Iraq will do the same thing in his opinion..Very important to understand how this relates to Iraq….As we put all the pieces together this will be one to look at.

We’ve talked about the need for certain laws to be passed inside Iraq for the economy to keep things moving in the right direction… Trying to keep goods from coming into the country, tariffs and getting good quality goods coming in…

_ There is whole basis to this and they are all intertwined in the economic laws that they have that are needed for the Reevaluation is what they are talking about in the background when they talk abot the other laws that are there for the economy…. They understand that they need to have these goods passed but the other important things is to establish how their goods are going to be traded, and values and how their contracts are going to be handled and collecting tariffs They are getting afraid they are losing money and they need to go ahead and pass these economic laws to keep their country goingThey talk about the import of goods because that is what they can see right now but what they are really talking about is how the economy is being handled..lot of financial laws that still need to be passed inside Parliament and their are laws they are supposed to be voted on and lot of them have to do with how contracts are handled and how monies are exchanged and what the value of things are going to be after the RV needs to be put into one of these bills…. They have to put a mechanism in these laws for everything in the contracts and what they are paying on these contacts – has to equate back to the new value of any money they put out there. Very concerned merchants are going to start bypassing the normal way they get things so they dont lose control over this…and their is significant push to start getting these laws passed from this standpoint….hearing alot from Parliament this week in news when you see these articles that is what they are talking about these are articles we want to see movement on when they start passing these that these things are in place because as this rv’s the things they need to have in place for their economy to pop are those things that equate to the economy and keep everything on even par with the new value of the money AND they need all of this to be in place to be a sovreign country so they can keep track of everything coming into their country and that there people are protected so that noone is ripping them off

Parliament meeting on Monday still debating on the budget…. there are 13 more laws to vote on Monday…loading up the calendar with everything they need to pass…Should be a huge week laws going thru the legislation while they are trying to get their differences resolved…still complaining about Maliki and Allawi

looks like alot of things will be resolved…waiting for something to happen before they pass thru the parliament probably some kind of thing – resolution to the politicaL process going on probably getting resolved behind the scenes we are not hearing about

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