The IQD Team: Transcript Conf Call Feb 2 Latest Iraq Dinar RV News GREAT NEWS NIGHT! – 02/03/2012

The IQD Team Feb. 2, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC Thanks to Mark for the summaryDinar Banker answers all the FAQ questions about cash in procedures including their new policies effective Feb 1. for the 1st hour Great information shared by Dinar Banker – Thanks Dinar Banker from The IQD Team

Highlights/Summary of Tonights News: Mike Recaps and summarizes the Latest incredible News from Iraq… Another Great News Night…..

Mike’s summary:

Huge movement and News from the Central Bank of Iraq We’ve seen them go to protect their dollar We’ve read they have stopped the auctions Read they are Basil Compliant with the auctions…making sure they know who is buying and selling so they can cut out countries coming in and taking their reserves… They keep on talking about the change of the exchange rate and what we have been seeing over the last week and a half is They say something and then they go do it… This is Huge… Huge… the whole auction thing and everyone seeing that the auction dollars are lower is Huge because they are limiting the number of people who can be in those auctions and who can have those dollars because they have to declare who they are and where they are going…thats huge!! Helps them manage and stabilize their economy and helps them manage and keep their currency from being devalued or inflated by other countries coming into to take their wealth from all of that I have to tell you that is amazing amazing movement on the CBI Turning our eyes to Parliament and whats going on there… They have met three or four times in a row..reading bills and moving things along…. Cabinet Ministers meeting Maliki trying to get along with everybody now and loosening his stance…. saying as long as the constitution says we can do it we are fine with it…he’s trying to play by the rules now Looks he is going to try to do what he wants to do by the rules which is good ..because as it goes and they get movement on Erbil and they get that power sharing agreement before the National Conference happens where they are going to choose the direction for their country from a political standpoint almost like a big convention….they are getting ready to come together and move forward

Last thing we were waiting to hear about and read about is how are we going to get the wealth to the people Read about a couple of people from Parliament tells us what they want to do to get the wealth to them One member tell us there is money in the budget and we have can take it from here and here and we have the money from the border crossings….this is how we can pay to get more money in the hands of the people

All positive steps on everything we said we wanted to have to go forward and it is moving fast…… It is moving at breakneck speed and I believe the next time they meet will be even better As soon as Parliament gets done with the things they need to get passed… CBI has the green light to go forward to do what they want to do

Reminder Holiday coming up for Iraq People this weekend and CBI will be closed….


The I.Q.D. Team, Ltd.’s News Articles Coverage for Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012


Abtan: Delete the zeros dinar a bold step and its impact will be greater if placed within the plan


ECONOMY: Central Bank of Iraq closes its weekly session with huge sales drop

Hard cash reserves ‘more than $60 billion,’ says Iraqi Central Bank

Central Bank to take a new policy to avoid the dinar exchange rate affected by the neighboring countries

Central Bank required banks to disclose their customers to get the foreign currency


MP: al-Alwani, warns of “serious repercussions on the Iraqi economy due to smuggle millions of dollars and big quantities of gold to Syria and Iran

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