The IQD Team: Transcript Conf Call Jan 24 Latest Iraq Dinar RV News Its All Good 01/25/2012

 IQD Team Jan 24, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC Thanks to Mark for the summary

Highlights & Summary of Tonights News:

Nothing but more positive news….moving right along.. THEME FOR TONIGHT “ALL IS GOOD”

Mike Recaps and summarizes tonights news:

CBI has told us they have more money than they need so don’t worry about any deficits…we have enough money from oil and gas – and we are not worried about inflation…we are ready to move forward…so dont worry…we dont need any loans.. we dont need any help we have plenty of oil we can sell at 104 per barrel We need some more housing and more manufacturing but we know that is all in due time…we are ready to move forwward

On the political front… Barzani Regional government is reforming….He is all on board.. All in and on board with negotiations on 140 and they are ready to go ahead and move forward

Hashemi upped the anti with Maliki and he is ready to go to court if Maliki resigns

So we see the political powers that be putting pressure on each other to move forward…they have things negotiated and they are ready to go

Kuwait…Southern brother of Iraq saying we were mad at you before but we want to give some money to your people…there is a softening of relations in Kuwait and we are ready to go ahead and see them come in and make an investment in Iraq so to me this signifies that they are no longer economically afraid of Iraq which is good..thats where we want them to be

We are due for some changes We are going thru phases with the government as we are going thru phases with the currency The government is going thru its new phase and we are heading into Phase 2 of the government We are seeing lots of talks and negotiating and possibly seeing New people step up to become more powerful and to lead the government of Iraq into the future Look for those changes and don’t worry about those changes..that is what is coming down the pike

Iraq moving into the future and it is all good

Listen to the call for all the News articles discussed and analyzed during the call…..Below are the News articles discussed:


CBI acknowledges a deficit in the budget of 2012 by 10% of the gross domestic product

Central Bank: expectations of higher property prices in the coming period

Central Bank: 2012 budget deficit of 20 trillion dinars =========================================================


Barzani reveals his new duties

Barzani urges the opposition to participate in his government

Hashemi ready to appear before court in Baghdad if Maliki resigns

Parliamentary Finance Committee: Iraq will not need a loan from the IMF to cover deficit

Commission on oil and gas: Central government and the province has reached a deal to pass the oil and gas law in the coming days

UN envoy: The remaining compensation to Kuwait might invest in Iraq

Preliminary agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, on oil and gas law

Talabani’s health did not help him to complete his term of current and potential alternative Barham Salih!

News Articles Link 

What a great night of news, analysis and discussion …listen to the call for all the rest of the news shared – it was ALL GOOD NEWS …..GET R DONE

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