The IQD Team: Transcript Conference Call Jan 29 Latest Greatest Iraq Dinar RV News 01/30/2012

The IQD Team Jan 29, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC Thanks to Mark for the summary

Highlights/Summary of Tonights News:

Nothing but more positive news….moving forward

Mike Recaps and summarizes tonights news:


Interesting George & Jeb Bush showed up at the White House this week….found this very interesting -coincidence….maybe –  noone would have none had their not been a photo opp of this meeting.. I about fell out of my seat when I saw that article. Interesting over the weekend with some of the major players were at the White House  …then Phone call made from White House to Baghdad on Sat and things are all of a sudden moving together Someone who possibly has knowledge of the plans that are supposed to happen and how they are supposed to go possibly giving a current President some information or advice or they could have just had a meeting and exchanged coffee and tea…….coincidence not fact but since then lots of things happening…

On the Banking side CBI came out and said they have lots of reserves they have basically have gone thru a quick little test run of raising their rate and very happy with the results Parliament seems to be calling and supporting them The Maliki Economic Advisor seems to have a problem with them and the CBI seems to say although he has a problem with us the govt has kinda given us the okay to do this and they so they are okay with it. What we have been saying for along time it seems CBI is sitting there ready to go forward ===ready to do what they want to do and just sitting and waiting for the things to go forward with the govt.

On the Political side… What happened in the last 2 days?…Meeting at the White House…President Talabani returns…we now have the formation all of the govt in Iraq which gives them more power..all 3 of those factions together We have a call to seat the ministers from the UN as well as people in Baghdad Parties going back to parliament and getting the govt back up and running to get things done And Biden making a phone giving some assurances to the parties that have boycotted that we will support whatever they decide to do in the formation of a new govt if necessary but get your stuff in gear and move forward

Talking about the Draft Budget..important to whats going on Lots going on there… There is lots of Scuttlebut about anyone trying to force the Budget thru..Kurds forcing it thru…what does that mean? Think about this…If they wanted to force the Budget thru…they are 1/3 of Parliament…if it was there intention to force it thru they would have gone to Parliament…voted on budget ..forced it thru and then walked out and said okay we have what we want from the budget

I dont think they ever intended to push that budget thru at any point I do not think it was a sticking point…. If the Kurds really had the intention of pushing it thru they could have voted on it and stuck it thru at any point in time they are waiting to go thru the political process…

Believe me when I tell you….Follow the money…this is about getting a power sharing agreement in place so these oil contracts can be solved and that the money flows properly to all these regions so they all get what is coming to them…and that they have one person at the head running this whole thing …sign these conrtacts in coordination with the contracts beign signed locally and how they are going to divy the money up..and whose going to get what…there will be plenty of money for the govt to operate but these regions want to be able to have extra money …to make themselves very relevant and give back  to their people

What this is truly about and has been about how they are going to divide that power up and how they want to share the oil revenues. That is what it has been about…what the walk out was about….all the other stuff will come once they get together and start moving things together…they are going to pass these things…

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