The RV should happen in February

2-2-13 Footforward: Banks at the higher level are looking for this. The RV should happen in February, you can piece things together, things that are moving forward. The purchase of Boeing jets is not the sign of a broke country.

The Standby Agreement has not been renewed, it expires February 23rd. If you don’t have an RV and don’t renew the Standby Agreement, then Iraq will be in a whole lot of trouble because they will not be getting any of their money back. So, the RV should happen between now and the 23rd. Of course things happen, but it should.

There hasn’t been any secret RV. Once it RV’s you will know right away. The HCL has been agreed to on paper, it just hasn’t been activated. People forget that Iraq is under Chapter 7 sanctions and you do not call the shots when you are under these sanctions. They haven’t opened their budgets for several years because the budgets that they do are based on revalued dinar. Everything is on hold until they actually have an RV, after that the money will start flowing.

The Asiacell info is irrelevant to the RV. It does not signify the timing of the RV. There are pieces to the puzzle that prove the RV WILL happen and there are pieces to the puzzle that prove WHEN the RV should happen and the two are not necessarily connected. Not everything is an indication of the timing. Be hopeful, be optimistic. There is a time here soon where we will be in post RV mode.

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