They expect the VND and IQD to go at the same time

[BWM] I have a bit mamari4 where to start

[BWM] ok so… we still have ppl saying look for this in iraq and look for that…

[Asells] BWM yay

[BWM] and let me give you the rundown on the last twenty four hours…

[BWM] wheezer2 I have had a number of discussions with PP ppl… from what I have heard they have sent test packages out several times… but then how reliable that is who knows

[BWM] Rosie everything that I’m hearing still says that they expect the VND and IQD to go at the same time publically…

[BWM] also on the “reno” front… things are still hot and heavy out there… some of your old friends (and former treemates) are running their games trying to get groups and deals done… let me say this, again, if you are dealing with those you will be disappointed, twice, once with the promises they make and secondly about the outcome…

[BWM] kilikopela can’t afford to bait the hook at the moment, but I’m hopeful nonetheless

[redsnowbird] BWM I am seriously thinking about a foreign offshore trust…. I understand that my taxes will not change…but…the asset protection is better…. once I pass away, the trust uncouples from the US tax system….which is better for my beneficiaries down the road….

[BWM] redsnowbird I had a “worse case” scenario when the election was over… honestly, it was about two years before I expected anything at that point (I know, calm down) but I have been assured my worst case is not an issue… so I’m still hopeful we will see this sooner than later

[BWM] redsnowbird be careful with offshore and moving money outside the U.S. there are other bills (highway bill for instance) with legislation built in to discourage money being moved out of the U.S.

[BWM] puppygirl the set up with Obama taxes could cost you as much as 46.3% depending how things shake out in the next 45 days

[ofish] I can’t wait to have the problem of what I’ll choose to do with the money eek

[BWM] ofish don’t wait for the problem to find you…

[Rosie] BWM – knowing at least state level politics, don’t you think the 43% rumored tax is just a high number and he expects to be able to negotiate it down? they always come out with a ridiculoous number so they have room to barter,,,

[BWM] Rosie Rosie he is trying to work on the ‘rich’… understand when this happens depending on the amount of dinar you hold (over 250k USD) you will be rich… and unlike the former rich ppl who have their money hidden away and it won’t effect much at all (unlike Obama’s idea that we’ll get 1.6 T of new taxes) it will affect YOU…

[redsnowbird] BWM Isn’t the highway bill the one where a foreign bank has to take taxes out….I think 30% ….. if the money is not identified to a US taxpayer?

[BWM] redsnowbird there are two issues… one holds a percentage of the money you are moving until you can prove that you have no outstanding tax debts (and you will be audited) the other puts a penalty of sorts on the amount you are moving with stipulations that have yet to be completely clarified

[puppygirl] redsnowbird BWM and the US has the ability to reach over boarders to tax folks living away, like the draft dodgers in Canada are being found and taxed even on monies they have made here in Canada.

[BWM] puppygirl Obama has a completely new idea for capital gains… Romney’s plan was to cap it at 15% across the board but Obama has all kind of crazy ideas based on your gains plus additional taxes based on income

[redsnowbird] BWM Sounds pretty complicated….as of now…. no outstanding tax debts…. but of course, once RV…. they will probably audit all of us…

[BWM] redsnowbird plan now… even if you don’t have the money you can be laying out what you want when you get to the bank… don’t make this a cash and run like some that will learn the hard way

[BWM] there will be ppl to help you at the bank… but you need to be able to explain to them what you want… YOU WANT YOUR MONEY PROTECTED FIRST AND FOREMOST… you will have enough to be able to invest later if you protect it first… if you don’t take the necessary steps first you will be working from the back when you start…

[chrivers] BWM so all the BULL he spits out on his press conferences is a CROCK of crap, when it comes to taking money (taxes) out of our hands!!! He wants it…

[BWM] chrivers somehow ppl never saw the plan… oh wait, that’s because he only spent his campaigning time explaining how Romney’s plan wouldn’t work…he never laid his plan out… but we saw his plan for 4 years now…

[redsnowbird] BWM I can’t do a cash and run…. have family responsibilities….but trying to look at many options because of the gain… and will need an idea of tax and estate planning….

[BWM] redsnowbird that’s the point… do that FIRST… make sure your tax professional knows FIRST AND FOREMOST you want the money to be protected whether that means a trust, an llc or whatever is best for YOU… if you are willing to explain it to them they will be able to help you

[sparkle1] BWM We already have a trust is that good?

[BWM] sparkle1 determine what you need most… an FLC, an LLC, a Trust, or a combination of any or all to help you do what you need to make sure that your money is safe from not only ppl who want to rip you off BUT UNnecessary taxes… I have always believed in pay what you owe… but they don’t deserve to spend my extra

[hootie123] BWM do you mind sharing what you feel is the safest for your situation?

[BWM] sparkle1 IF THAT IS BEST FOR YOU…. you may find another situation is best for you depending on family size, location, business plans, all that and more could come into play when you decide how to proceed… they may suggest something temporary just to get immediate protection until you move into your long term plans… but IMMEDIATE protection is important

[BWM] hootie123 unfortunately, it’s not that simple… every person’s situation will be different based on your state, ownership and future plans

[hootie123] Well just starting out making sure it is safe as possible makes the most sense

[BWM] hootie123 I know we have had many discussions about what to do with your money and “everybody plan” and “plan” and “plan” and I hate to seem like we overuse the idea but now after Nov 6th this is more important than ever….

[truckerbabe67] i told my bf and he laughed! but i have been recently trying to lose weight and felt depressed…and very down because seems like no matter how hard i try its not happening

[BWM] truckerbabe67 I had a joke here… but blatantly inappropriate lol

[redsnowbird] BWM I agree…. planning, and knowing what you want… is about 3/4 of the battle.

[BWM] redsnowbird having been around enough females in my life…. I have discovered that you can spend any money that you have in your pocket… or don’t… so making sure there is ACTUALLY money there to spend is a high priority

[cougar428] BWM what doe you tnink about the latest conflict in the middle east think it will have any bearing on our investmtnt

[BWM] cougar428 seriously, how much ACTUAL discussion in the media have you seen about the middle east… they are more worried about getting a good pic of jill kelley than they are about foreign policy

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