They have RV’d internally but have yet to RV internationally


cruiser] BigB Did you happen to see the article about the dollar dving from yesterday?

BigB] cruiser Yep

[cruiser] BigB did you find it interesting how the term “Basket of Currencies” was used again. Starting to hear that alot more in the media.

[BigB] cruiser Yes, all of a sudden we are again talking about “baskets”.

[2012jesus] cruiser looking real good for us

[BigB] cruiser Didn’t I read something about the BRICS in the same basket?

[cruiser] BigB very strange, like they are teling us something or preparing. IMO.

[cruiser] 2012jesus Looking good? Never knew it was bad. lol

[2012jesus] cruiser so right

[constantlyabiding] BigB 2012jesus cruiser thoughts or concerns on hearing the dollar crashing with no rv yet?

[cruiser] BigB have not seen that, but very well could be.

[BigB] cruiser Preparing! They (the PTB) like to throw some news out there and then when it happens, the people say “yea, I remember reading something about that” and accept it.

[BigB] cruiser I’m pretty sure that is what I read. I get a lot of info from the patriot side of

[BigB] cruiser I’m pretty sure that is what I read. I get a lot of info from the patriot side of the world.

[cruiser] constantlyabiding Dollar not going to crash. It will DV, actually started already, down about 5%, should drop another15-25% when all said and done.

[cruiser] BigB not questioning at all. But very possible and kind of makes sense.

[cruiser] 2012jesus BTW, whats up with oil??

[BigB] cruiser Very funny that you said that. I wrote an long atricle in OOM about 1-1/2 years ago and stated many of the things that are happening. Like the dollar devaluing, US Treasury notes, FED going away, bigger than Iraq, etc. Wish I kept the post. I really got slammed!

[cruiser] BigB You were like Nostrdamus lol Too bad no one listened, because you were right.

[BigB] cruiser Yea – oil is down. I didn;t see that coming. Or maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

[tb30] I know I haven’t been as much as I use to, but when was the last time an intel provider was on? I haven’t seen Sooner, Johnnywg, Bella besides the others on in a long time.

[BigB] cruiser I have always been good at seeng things in advance that no one else can see.

[cruiser] BigB cannot be too high. think about 90-95 makes sense, 25% higher would put it under $120. So no reason to panic.

[4given] BigB people tend not to listen to what scares them…. fear of the unknown…. dont mean you were wrong :)

[cruiser] 4given So true.

[4given] cruiser knowledge is power

[cruiser] 4given You are 2 for 2. Now please go 3 for 3 and give us a Rv. :)

[BigB] 4given I agree. When it comes to world politics and government, people prefer to bury thier heads in the sand!

[4given] cruiser ooo if only it were up to me lol

[2mater] cruiser seems to be the perfect storm right now – if doesn’t happen -any clue from here – other than waiting for who knows how long?

[4given] BigB Even Jesus said “keep on seeking” but most didnt listen to him either

[cruiser] BigB That is because no one ever understood what they got themselves into. Most, not all, thought hey what a great way to make some quick money. Boy were they wrong. roflmao

[cruiser] 2mater Lets cross that bridge when we get there or should I say if we get there.

[4given] cruiser kinda like mentally working for it lol

[2mater] cruiser thanks – appreciate your time, intel and attitude

[BigB] 4given Let’s face the facts – if it doesn’t happen this month, we will be looking at very probable doom and gloom.

[cruiser] 4given Yep. This was not easy for any of us. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally. Think we are all beat up, but the knowledge we all have gained will never be taken from us and that is our reward, plus a little coin in our pockets. lol

[4given] people tend to be a lil more careful with something they “labored for” and I have truly mentally labored as have all, not to mention how much I have learned

[spades] crusier what doesnt kill us makes us stronger .

[cruiser] spades exactly.

[BigB] cruiser 4given All true, but we should all admit one thing. We are all more prepared both mentally and physically than we were 12 years, 1 year, 6 months even 1 month ago.

[childofgod] cruiser I dont think I can get any stronger! LOL

[cruiser] BigB So true.

[blessedandhighlyfavored] ··· ure=plcp Sterling Currency Group Attends Iraq Finance Conference 2012 in London and ··· ure=plcp London Day One Video…and They are not there to talk just food lol

[childofgod] cruiser I dont think I can get any stronger! LOL

[cruiser] childofgod I can only speak for myself, but I never thought I could be this strong. 2 laptops latter, i learned. Roflmao

[BigB] cruiser 4given All true, but we should all admit one thing. We are all more prepared both mentally and physically than we were 12 years, 1 year, 6 months even 1 mont ago. that is a huge paradym shift that most will not be able to withstand!

[MouseTrap] cruiser have you read or heard anything about the UN meeting yesturday or today?

[da58] MouseTrap watched the un meeting, showed nothing being said about Iraq

okrocks] da58 meetings are behind closed doors I believe… they have lots of those scheduled

[cruiser] MouseTrap Monday was to close out the 66th genearal assembly. Yesterday @ 3pm started the 67th General Assembly, announcing of a new UN president and as far as today, nothing yet.

[sananddan24] Cruiser hello I knew you were excited about the meeting in NYC have you heard yet?

[cruiser] sananddan24 hi nope. It goes on til next Thursday.

[da58] okrocks Yes, they are…and don’t think we’d hear right away. I did watch recaps of some of those meetings they broke up for..nothing, but of course – that doesn’t mean a thing..

[cman13] cruiser have you heard of cdars? if so whats your opinion?

[cruiser] cman13 no sorry, please explain.

[childofgod] cruiser Even though the NY meeting goes till next Thurs, could we still see an RV before that?

[cruiser] childofgod anything is possible.

[BigB] 4given I’ll try again. The metal preparedness is critical. Most of our lives we just get by. Then one day we have more money than we ever thought existed. That is a huge paradym shift that most will not be able to withstand!

[childofgod] cman13 CDARS accounts are when your money is spread thru various banks, perk being FDIC insurance

[cman13] cruiser from what i gather. its part of the bank of mellon.. you start accounts with them and they have lots of banks . they place your funds in cd’s

[cman13] childofgod just woundered if anyone had really checked it out?

[childofgod] cman13 All details are here:

[cruiser] cman13 know nothing of it. Sounds interesting.

[tornado] cruiser -Good day to you sir,Are we still looking good for this week ?? IYO

[cman13] childofgod hey thanks

[childofgod] cman13 Mellon is just one of the banks – I checked out CDARS a little

[cruiser] tornado lol trying to get me to commit to a date. Think we just have to sit tight and wait some meetings to unfold, One big one and many little private ones. Then we will know more.

[tornado] cruiser -Are you under a gag order??:superlachen: :superlachen:

[cruiser] tornado by the wife roflmao

[BigB] cruiser Did you read Bank of Japan, ECB and Fed in a “Race to Debase” Says Kilburg .

cruiser] BigB No talk of BOE at all. They have doing stimulus for the last six months and still continue.

[cruiser] It has been fun. Gonna run. Have a great day everyone. Stay positive, Stay grounded.

[2mater] Sure don’t understand the slience thing – half of the ‘gurus’ have disappeared and the other half yammer on everyday

[childofgod] misskitty05 Keep in mind – public rates will be just that – if we use WF, rate will be different and we will have to sign NDA

[weimar_police] 2mater I have not understood the guru thing / personally I think a couple are ‘around’ under diff names

[2mater] childofgod guess that’s assuming WF admits that it ‘it’s not a hoax

[thudz04] IMO I don’t believe the rate change has been attempted only to not work. We have been told they have done numerous testing which ultimately was successful. If this has been stopped it is due to certain PTB resisting/vetoing the rate change and it is not due to any type of technical issues.

[misskitty05] childofgod yes but I’m assuming that if we go to WF we will get some premium for example published rate + $1.50 or something like that. If we know the published rate we can add it up.

[2mater] thudz04 sounbds logical – hope you’re right

misskitty05] 2mater you could be right but that’s what we’ve been hearing for months

[medusa1130 ] Hey does anyone else wonder if they have RV’d internally but have yet to RV internationally because they wanted to give the Iraq people time to adjust? The thought crossed my mind…since the conference is to release them from chapt 7 and they must have an internationaly traded currency b4

[medusa1130 ] and since maliki is not going to NY he is sending ministers….could it be that they are giving the people a day before they announce it internationally? And once the ministers are there they will announce it and there for have the criteria to be released?

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