This works in our favor.

9-29-13 TNTJDR100: Something interesting that i had heard on the Wang Dang Conference Call last night which should be of interest to all ….. Wang Dang had said that the Iraq DFI funds will NOT be released until Iraq turns their currency on.

This is huge because it adds an additional incentive for Iraq to do something with its currency and i believe that we will see this very soon.

DFI (Development Funds of Iraq) funds are funds that the United Nations had set aside based on a percentage of Iraq’s Oil Revenues. These funds are in the Trillions of Dollars but are frozen.

Based on what Wang Dang had stated in his call yesterday, in order for Iraq to have access to these funds, they must first activate their currency. This would be something that works in our favor.

I had heard that the DFI Funds were in the Trillions. Remember – These are Oil Revenue percentages that Iraq had siphoned away by the United Nations for the last 10 years. These funds were held in New York Banks and also in Boston.

This is a huge bargaining chip that will ensure that Iraq does something with its currency. This works in our favor.

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