Tomorrow, Iraq is going to release some information and make a major announcement

4-19-13 Free4flight: I am not a guru and I cannot confirm this information…I am going to share it with you because many need renewed in their hope.

This currency dealer was telling me yesterday and he seemed very serious … I think he was telling me the truth based on the info he had.

He said that on Saturday, yes, tomorrow, coinciding with the elections in Iraq…that Iraq was going to release some information and make a major announcement…that announcement was going to be the beginnings of the release of our blessing.

He said Iraq was going to also reveal to their people the truth about what has been going on.

He said that after the announcement…that we were going to see announcements in the USA to call this 800# to set up our appointments… first of the week, next week and that we would be CE and that we would be taking our dinar and VND to the bank.

This bank would be under a new banking system and we would all get new accounts under Basel III and that we would be getting debit cards and checks so that we could start using the funds.

This is all suppose to start this weekend.

I cannot confirm this but he sounded serious as could be…so let’s hope it is here beginning this weekend.

He spoke in such a manner that told me by his voice inflections that he was dead serious and meant every word he said, he spoke with conviction. He also said…that this was the beginning of the end of Corp USA and all the other ‘for profit’ corporations that are corrupt and stealing from mankind, they are going to be phased out…and that they Fed will not have access to the new banking system.

He said that those multi millionaires who have been stealing from us will be losing a lot of money…. this will put the hurts to them and the dollar is going to take a major hit but that those under the new Basel III are going to have protected funds.

He said it is also the beginning of the transformations back to the constitution and the bill of rights for us. We are now transitioning into a brave new and prosperous golden age of mankind.

Be happy and be filled with hope people…it is coming.

I found it quite exciting to think that the there is a new banking system that will have new accounts for us and that our funds will be protected under the new system

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