UST notes are coming out

[BWM] remember if your “intel” (and I use that VERY loosely) has at least three uses of the words “has or will” in their statement and 3 different rates… yeah, well let’s just say laugh and move on

[txgirl] BWM you mean I can not go and cash in my dong for 46 cents tomorrow

[~PETERSMA] BWM Does that work like credit scores where ya just pick the middle rate and you’re good to go?

[BWM] ~PETERSMA no you ignore the poster and be glad you have more sense than an oyster

[BWM] that’s about the person who posted it’s IQ… oyster level


[puppygirl] BWM good thing oysters have thick shells

[BWM] well I can’t hang around long tonight… anyone got any questions, comments or otherwise

[Clutchgut] BWM Nope….not even any snide remarks….believe it or not lol

[hootie123] I have never received any money for my VND!! rofl

[BWM] Clutchgut well pooh..

[puppygirl] BWM any thoughts on this “Dinar RV Value – Treasury Dollars Ready – Post By Tom Gambill”?

[puppygirl] from recaps today

[hootie123] VND

[hootie123] Can’t type it

[BWM] puppygirl I read it several times… like everything else…

I can only try to put it in perspective… sometimes so many things we try to fit into our way of thinking… I can only say what I have heard going forward… as long as the FED is around… you will continue to see FRN’s

[puppygirl] thank BWM . Seemed like a lot of mumbo jumbo to me.

[BWM] the banks give two different stories…. honestly, I have a couple of banks that swear the UST notes are coming out and they heard this and that… I have other branches (SAME BANKS) that say there is NO WAY it can happen like it’s been discussed and this would take years and years

[puppygirl] so the confusion is everywhere!!

[puppygirl] In this era of deep debt for all countries, where are these assets to come from?

[txgirl] puppygirl when it comes to the RV I stay confused

[~PETERSMA] BWM Having worked at a bank for several years, I can see UST notes coming out and even possibly replacing FRN through attrition. However, until banks see major changes in their IT technology systems that communicate with The Fed everyday, it is not going anywhere anytime soon IMP

[puppygirl] talk about stealing from the future!

[BWM] it’s like everything else… you really can’t believe those things that ppl can’t back up… and right now the only pics circulating show the Federal Reserve Note on the $100 bill… until that changes OR TERE IS A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE CONTRARY… you have to assume that something HAS to break with the FED… either extended or well, we’ll have to see


[BWM] ~PETERSMA two completely different systems… it HAS to be some type of change… the FED is a privately held institution… the UST is part of the US Government… we “borrow” from the FED… hence, about 14 Trillion of our current debt basically… so to change to using the UST notes would require some serious issues to be resolved

[puppygirl] does the FED ever ask for collateral on these loans?? If so, what is this collateral?

[BWM] not to say that it couldn’t be or have been in the works for years… consider this, the FED goes under, and takes almost all our debt with it.. and there is a “reset” between the countries and China and Japan forgive the other 2.5 Trillion dollars of debt we owe.. feasibly, the dollar would again have value (since no real debt was assigned) and therefore at that point you COULD institute new currency as the UST would take over responsibility for the currency.. and thereby giving a period of time to “exchange” bills out but not going back to the FED.. to me, the FED resolution is the biggest issue

[puppygirl] does the FED have to go over the cliff in Jan 2013 ?

[~PETERSMA] BWM I suppose that’s what I was getting to. I see the notes as legal tender side by side until our banks can pull them out of circulation.

[BWM] puppygirl supposedly the FED’s contract expires in December… now, we don’t know if a written extension must occur or what guidelines there are for the dissolution of the FED… so we kinda just have to wait and see

[puppygirl] ~PETERSMA yes that makes sense to me. Can’t leave a vacuum.

[BWM] ~PETERSMA it’s possible… as long as the FED doesn’t exist because those are their (private) notes

[BWM] well… “sold/borrowed” etc. for our government

[BWM] I could see them allowing 24-48 months to make a changeover… but again, if the FED is still there… there is no reason for that

[puppygirl] BWM I guess I am asking if you see a big meltdown/crisis appearing at the FED before this reset can/will occur?

[~PETERSMA] BWM And that’s the “IT Angle” if the Fed is going to go under, go away, whatever, computer systems would have to be replaced and redirected to UST. That would be a telltale sign that change is afoot.

[BWM] puppygirl something HAS to happen… either an extension/renewal or dissolution

[BWM] ~PETERSMA here’s the headache.. this doesn’t effect the consumer… it would reak havoc with the merchants… just consider if you had two currencies worth different values at the same time…

[puppygirl] BWM so extension/renewal we would likely see no difference in daily affairs. Dissolution would be over time as adjustments (IT for example) are implemented and we would see it coming as the telltales would be evident. IMO a government would be advertising this to get folks ready for such a change.

[BWM] if the value of the FRN and the UST notes were even a half a cent difference in value.. things would be in an uproar

[puppygirl] BWM but the likelyhood of an uproar over this is low, as I see it.

[Katt] I have 2 questions BWM..

[Katt] 1) What is the date ? 2) and the Rate?

[Katt] i’ll probably get kicked for that

[ofish] Katt nov 31st jejeje

[puppygirl] Feb 30th

[Clutchgut] puppygirl lol

[~PETERSMA] Katt Katt the date is December 14th LINK

[wisewarrior] rofl rofl rofl

[Katt] ~PETERSMA lol !! u stinker!!

[BWM] Katt it won’t happen on NOV 31st, THAT I’m sure of… and the rate will not sound as stupid as the description that Hammoron gave on recaps

[puppygirl] Why would a gov’t stir the pot when they are so good at soothing the masses to keep them down?

[wisewarrior] puppygirl great question

[BWM] puppygirl will we even know what the resolution is? that’s an issue we just won’t know… could this just happen and we forget all about it?

[puppygirl] BWM now that sounds like gov

[puppygirl] thinking to me… let them forget it!!

[BWM] puppygirl you know.. ppl complain about the carrot dangling in front of them and the just hang a bigger carrot… you may feel like you accomplished something but you’re still not eating

[puppygirl] BWM ya but the bigger carrot smells better! LOL

[puppygirl] wisewarrior we have been talking about DinarRecapsLink

[cougar428] BWM how goes it say i saw on recaps yea i know but med said july is that realistic do you think they might drag it out that far

[BWM] cougar428 july really doesn’t hold any bearing for me… honestly, I would say by around February and if not then sadly I hate to say it… but it could be much longer after that

[puppygirl] BWM I am leaning that way too. Sad to say but it is the truth as I see it.

[BWM] but news has been really interesting the last 24 hours… so I have not given up hope on the short term yet

[BWM] well folks… any other questions or statements…

[wisewarrior] BWM we love you

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