We have a lot of bank activity…

[bluwolf] Looks like the wh got what they wanted on the tax on the rich,if so everything looks good from this point on.

[iamsoready] bluwolf what did they decide on for taxes onthe rich?

[bluwolf] iamsoready you would have to hear the news feeds to get the insights on that issue

[EnoughAlready] Blu we’re hearing some exchange dealers on the island of PR are indicating tomorrow is thevday comments please

[bluwolf] EnoughAlready that is new to me,but please remember that p.r. Has direct contact with the cbi

noughAlready] Blu the comments are from done other sites but it was confirmed by at least 2 sites? Thanks

[bluwolf] EnoughAlready all I know that we have a lot of bank activity here in the island

[cincy] bluwolf bank activity = cashin training?

[bluwolf] cincy lets leave at that
[bluwolf] well this last call is placing all activity from this point on as of now,lets see what gives in

[EnoughAlready] Blue: I can’t see the IQD coming out as a managed float which is being passed around. I belive from the auctions certain govt’s were promised a certain ROI. Do you think managed float a fixed rate?

[bluwolf] EnoughAlready it could go either way

[EnoughAlready] Blue: IYHO banks see the Live Rate first or Forex.

[bluwolf] EnoughAlready both

[superdj567] [ericasmom] Mrs. Seafood I got an email saying TK said no codes will be honored iqd at 8.16-13.18 and vnd at .47 – 2.20 with banks charging 3% and no tax as it was a currency exchange….I hope this is true…

[bluwolf] there will be codes and those are not the rates

[ericasmom] bluwolf are they close to the rates?

[bluwolf] ericasmom nope
[bluwolf] ericasmom jejeje remember I don’t do rates or dates

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