Wedn. Night Studley Q&A 3 S's Chat: Dinar Recaps 01/04/2012

(Thank you Eagle Has Landed for the email)[Studley] Hello everyone, I have been in finance for over 20 years, I have been a hedgefund partner for 10 years, I have also been through a number of currency revaluations over the years

[srm777] There is a lot of chatter, I call smoke, going on about delays for months now… What is your take on all this and what are we aqll to believe at this point. Help solidify these concerns please if you will.

[Studley] Let me start off by saying, there has been smoke for a long time, that is the nature of a currency play so no one, especially the large funds can take advantage of the system, they will never let you know exactly how or when this is coming down, never micromanage this currency play

[sfmhi] Studley – First, TY for coming to share your expertise we us. Do you see tell tale similarities with the Kuwait RV and this one we’re waiting on which will help us ascertain whether we are close or still a ways to go?

[Studley] comparing this event to Kuwait is like comparing apples to oranges, there are similarities like we are dealing with a Middle East country, oil is the main way to value the currency, but this event is much more complicated, it is not just a reval, there are more agencies, and complicated issues to deal with, I could write a book trying to explain that questio

[bigdaddytim] Is the currency play tied to a global realignment?

[Studley] This currency play is tied to a global leveling, many countries are involved, lots of negotiations, many behind the scenes deals being worked out, this is much bigger than a normal rv, we are dealing with a new banking system, and this is the lynchpin that will start the leveling

[...andi] Why are banks “pretending” to not know anything about this investment and yet a select few are willing to admit that they even know what an IQD is? Don’t they want our business? Why the vague responses?

[Studley] They can’t by law give any clue about this investment because of banking regulations, there are some tall tales going on right now, for the most part I wouldn’t believe most of the banking stories, but they seem to be handling this reval different because of the sheer number of people involved, so there are some people lining up to cash out, but until it goes public, no one is supposed to even talk about this, remember, normal revals are only supposed to be for a select group of qualified investors, not the public, that is why there are so many problems, the banks and agencies are not used to doing this, that is why sometimes it seems like the banks are not handling this well, they never had to do this before

[...andi] Is it true that the FDIC insures $100,000US in a non-interest bearing account or is the limit still $25,000US for each account regardless of interest?

[Studley] I am not a banker, I am an investment specialist, I don’t know specific banking regulations

[rterry613] Studley: Do you mainly base your opinions off of current news from, here and overseas or Intell providers? Ty

[Studley] my opinions are based off of my experience in finance, and currency, and my connections with people in the industry

[jam777] Studley … are you as excited about the possibilities of RV this week as all the rest ? I know, you are not a date and rate guy … but you do have sources.

[Studley] I don’t think like that, I will not micromanage this event because I know how complicated this is, there can be a million ways to stop it, I take a long term approach, I follow Dr. Shabibi, and his policy, he has always stated that when he had a sovereign nation and investment laws in place he will rv

[...andi] In your opinion what is the #1 mistake people in our position make when cashing out their investment? And what can we do to avoid this mistake?

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