We’re on high alert from now to May 13

Frank26 conference call Notes April 29, 2013

Frank is wearing a red suit, red shirt and red tie!! Red alert!
Opened with prayer

Server issues are still being worked out, be patient a little longer the webmaster is on it; please don?t call Frank

Talked about posting from NannaCarol showing starving child, reminder of the suffering in this world, and we should be praying and focused on what is important in this world

Heart-felt thanks to everyone who responded to the call for help from Andy to support Frank and Jan with his personal loss in the MB Group; this dinar dealer kept the payment and the dinar, Frank used his personal dinar to pay out the people who were still waiting for their dinar; Frank will call or write to everyone to express thanks; all MB Group dinar has been or will be shipped this week; Frank read the group #, amount, and initials of the people whose IQD shipped today

Andy also expressed thanks to the family for the outpouring of love to Frank and Jan

News story that Iraq will come out of Chpt 7 in 2014 ? Frank gave the article ?the raspberries;? why? The news outlets have been shut down, and tomorrow the borders will be closed; there is too much happening ? the RD is being completed, and we?re walking in to the RI; Frank believes this article is ?nonsense?

Recall the article from March 22 that stated the mission is completed ? remember that we had our first emergency Friday conference call, and Frank announced article 4 which bridged to article 8; meeting in Iraq ended on March 21; following this, Frank and his team were looking for a 30-day LOI

Frank and his team has not found the LOI to the IMF, however, they believe it?s been submitted based on things that are happening now; Frank now believes that we will not see any evidence of the LOI, don?t let it bother us, just pay attention to all that?s going on with the IMF and World Bank

Have we seen the budget? Have we seen people get paid ? only rumors, but no evidence

Frank read an article regarding a meeting of the mission of Article 4 ? met with Turki and heads of the CBI, other key people; importance is that article 4 allowed them international status to walk into article 8

Dame (forum name) is connected to 2 people in the IMF, from calls to them (one being Carlos Sdralevich, the person who led the meeting with the GOI and the CBI in March) and asked if Iraq is revaluing their currency? He replied that the IMF conducted an audit, but would not answer about an RV; asked if Chpt 7 will be lifted? And about DFI loans? And about the 30-day LOI? He confirmed that permission was given to CBI to revalue the currency, but claimed to have no other information and deferred to the CBI/IMF website

Addressed ?pdids? question on the forum ? his posting and the follow up by another forum member demanding accountability for our leader?s opinions ? it has now gone viral on the internet, including that Regnar and someone else is coming to visit Frank, this is why Frank cannot give us all the information that he wants to, because it goes viral; yes, Regnar and another person is coming ? why are they coming? Yes, it?s related to the RV

There will always be corruption in the ME; in the ME they think of it more as manipulation; the GOI is complete, but not fully seated; they do not always meet in a parliamentary quorum, but break out groups are meeting; look at the foreign investors and the Iraqi stock market, and that the people were ?tricked? or manipulated to come in and set up accounts, it?s evidence that the banking system is ready

Maliki will go

All laws that need to be passed have been passed

If the DFI was going to be extended beyond May 22, they already would have had to submit the request for extension 30 days in advance ? no evidence of any filing

Pres O tricked us 4 years ago with the Affordable Health Care bill; in the 28,000 page bill, there are taxes that we have no idea that are included, having nothing to do with health care, it also opened our borders and allows everyone to vote; O is now going to release the IRS tax code book, a 77,000 page book ? will we read it or be cattle? Get KTFA Premium! Information is being distilled from it; one item that is included in the new tax code is that no more than $2.5 million can be put into an IRA; this information is hidden in the tax code, along with many other things; look to KTFA Premium for more information; also included are new taxed for business on the internet

Frank asked us to pay attention to Barzani going to Baghdad to sign off on the oil and gas bill; Barzani went, and signed ? is it the 4th and final part of the HCL??? Not sure, trying to find out. When the 4th and final part is signed, the blessing will flow

Are we still watching for Shabibi? Probably not; Frank thinks he?ll end up with a job at the World Bank; the person to watch for is Jack Lew

Qi Cards: they declared readiness to make loans to citizens to purchase homes ? this is impossible at a rate of 1166

Elections that just occurred were preliminary; Maliki lost, regardless of reports to the contrary; Najafe called for early elections and re-seating the gov?t; Maliki?s personal safety is in danger; violence increased in April, and the longer we go without a rate, the citizens will tear the country apart

How did Frank?s team know a year ago that April would be the month? Due to his great team!

Iraq released Egyptian prisoners, and is ready to loan $4 billion to Egypt interest free!! If Iraq has no liquidity, how can they do this??? Qi cards making loans for houses if their money is worthless??? Take it to God in prayer

There are very large sums of money that are being funneled into the CBI right now, literally as we speak; the outflow is at a normal rate, but the influx of cash is at a phenomenal rate ? it is the TRILLIONS ; is it possible that these are the DFI funds??????? Think of all the oil revenues that have been made over the last 10 years

M2 increased by 180% over 48 hours; how can this be hidden? It can?t, they will show the rate

At this point Regner (Eagle1) came on the call

Regnar said that banks in NY (BoA, Chase, etc) were holding the DFI funds, and they will not confirm to him if they are still holding

The pace at which the money is being sent is a big clue as well ? they are sending 10?s and 100?s of billions at a time; this is Regnar and Frank?s opinion, they can?t offer links to evidence, but it?s being done quickly and quietly, it?s ?A + B = C? deductive reasoning; all reasoning points to the RI

Frank asked Regnar if he?s backing away at all from April ? not at all, the stage is set; Regnar said he?ll gladly admit that he?s missed it if it doesn?t happen tonight/tomorrow, but he still believes the evidence points to being done in April; Frank feels good as well

Frank says we?re on high alert from now to May 13 ? if we don?t see it tomorrow, the window is to May 13; why 13th? The bank/Forex exchange laws (Dodd-Franks) become effective on May 13

Regnar reminded us that the new laws effective on May 13 have no impact on us and to our exchange, it opens up and allows banks to participate in Forex trading, and provides consumer protection

Frank asked Regnar if he thinks that Shabibi will come back and become governor of the CBI? Regnar believes that Shabibi and Turki have been working hand in hand since Shabibi?s absence, they are friends ? he believes that Shabibi will likely return for a short term for the public acknowledgement, then will go off to the IMF or the World Bank; Delta?s intel says he won?t come back as governor, just coming back for a victory lap

I-teams: Frank reported that today a message came in from I-teams, and the message said ?get ready?
Frank ended the call with prayer

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