What is REALLY happening with the Dinar

Can't say I didn't tell you!

9-26-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Here’s what is REALLY happening with the Dinar.

1. The CBI is the market maker, they are the ones who decide what the Dinar is exchanged/traded/bought/sold for… and at this time, they are still selling the IQD for 1166:1. There is no official change in the value, nor is there an official change in the “name”.

2. Iraq is still working on a WTO membership which will do wonderful things for the ability of Iraq to increase the value of their currency, in my opinion to as high as a dollar… but realistically that is the top end of where they would come out.

3. Not much news on the HCL over the last week, but nothing negative either, so we’re looking for a couple of key dates, which are:

4. Tomorrow, Saturday, and next Thursday are key meetings for Iraq. I am looking forward to seeing some positive news at one of these dates, and finally…

5. The fundamental reasons for my involvement in the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) remain positive and I am still looking forward to a realistic increase in the value.


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