What is the “breaking” point that the VND would have to reach to achieve a greater yield vs. the IQD

11-29-12 BWM: Let’s look at 1 million of IQD vs. VND and we’ll use retail pricing to keep it simple so we’ll go a 1050 for a million IQD and 80 for VND so if the numbers keep coming up and we do the math Let’s go 3.42 for IQD and .05 for the VND so that’s 3.42M USD for the IQD and 50k for the VND.

Now we look at the ROI% for the IQD we take the 3.42M divide by 1050 and we get a return of 3257% for our million dinar. The VND is 50k divided by 80 and we get 625%. The key is at what level each come out at and what is the “breaking” point that the VND would have to reach to allow more return on the dollar than the IQD also your costs could reflect a higher return if you got a good deal.

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