You can sleep well tonight and tomorrow at least

[BWM] SassyDinar I can give you a little news… you can sleep well tonight and tomorrow at least. after that I’m still not holding my breath yet. you know for like 5/3rd to call or anything yet

[SassyDinar] You left off “hint-hint” ??

Oct 13 12:47 AM [BWM] SassyDinar my hint hint’s are pretty straight forward…

Oct 13 12:47 AM [SassyDinar] Gotcha . . . thanks for clarifying . . . lol

Oct 13 12:47 AM [BWM] I’m from mississippi we do things kinda simple down here… anything other than that and folks might think you from the city

Oct 13 12:47 AM [911GTS] lets see…. sat, sunday, MONDAY!

Oct 13 12:48 AM [BWM] 911GTS I just said when you could sleep… no promises towards anything other than the NOT’s at the moment

Oct 13 12:49 AM [SassyDinar] So guess I need to get rested up for next week, heard/read it might get interesting

Oct 13 12:49 AM [911GTS] groundhog week

Oct 13 12:49 AM [SassyDinar] BWM – Do you keep in touch with Cap1??

Oct 13 12:50 AM [BWM] SassyDinar I have concerns about things and timing right now… there are several things that I have struggled to believe up til this point that are starting to make me wonder…

Oct 13 12:51 AM [BWM] SassyDinar no, I have his number but I don’t talk to many other providers much… just easier to keep information seperate

Oct 13 12:51 AM [BWM] well.. I hate to drop in and run so fast.. but got to go pick up one of the kids coming back from a football game… y’all take care.. see ya later

Oct 13 12:51 AM [911GTS] thanks bwm

Oct 13 12:51 AM [timo] BWM …you too bud

Oct 13 12:51 AM [SassyDinar] BWM – I think I know what you’re referring to . . . lots going on in our own freedom land

Oct 13 12:52 AM [SassyDinar] BWM – Thanks for coming in . . . take care, have a great weekend

Oct 13 12:52 AM [johnniejones] hi bwm do u think it would happen in 2013

Oct 13 12:53 AM [SassyDinar] johnniejones – just noticed, he’s already gone . . .

Oct 13 12:53 AM [johnniejones] ok
Oct 13 12:54 AM [johnniejones] bwm sounds like its not going to happen no time soon

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