I believe that Iraq did try to RV Saturday night


11-21-2012 Intel Guru Footforward I believe that Shabibi is gone, don’t know where, moved out of the way. Shabibi has done everything he needed to do. The GOI has no affect over the RV. The HCL is done and if it is not they can use the old one while they work on the new one. I believe we are in a process of acceleration. Iraq is crying out for an RV & will not benefit from a low rate. Ban Ki Moon is going there to negotiate Chapter 7, they wouldn’t be going there if Iraq still had things to do & weren’t close. I believe that they did try to RV Saturday night & it didn’t go through. I don’t know why at this point. This can still go anytime and I believe it has to be really quickly.

11-21-2012 Intel Guru Footforward The dong will never be over $2, never be over $1, never be over $.50, ever, period. It is very unlikely to be over $.20. The dong will be lucky to come in at $.05, but it is still a great investment. The IQD will far out pace the VND. The dong is not going to be the better option. We have recently been hearing the dong is going to go early. The reason for this misinformation is so that you will sell your dinar & buy dong. There will be zero chance to double dip. The dong & dinar will go together. I believe that things are moving & going to happen. This has to happen soon.


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