I think the RV has happened

Iraqi Dinars

4-13-13 Moneydr:    IMHO (in my humble opinion) … I think the RV has happened. I think that the first tiers … Countries, provinces, those individuals with over a hundred million dinar, etc… Have already cashed in — their monies have been cashed into their accounts … Separate accounts for their dinar and dong of course (for tax purposes)… They were given their receipts for their deposits… And once the rest of we peons get our turn, the rates will go live all at once, and the IQD and VND already deposited into the first tiers’ accounts will be available for withdrawal to spend. No rates have been given yet, but will known once we go live … (My personal opinion is that the IQD will go for $5 and the VND will go for $.50) … Which I think is the beginning of this coming week. All the gurus seem to be saying the same thing …. Go RV.

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