On schedule for the Iraqi Dinar revalue… by the end of the month at the very least.


1-15-13 Wife in the Know: We are still on schedule for the Iraqi Dinar revalue by way of an approved 2013 Budget vote within days, by the end of the month at the very least.

I also want to comment on the constant flow of mis-information that some “guru’s” seemingly feel the need to claim. Without naming anyone, (Not disrespecting any of them) “Chapter 7”, the “Hydro Carbon Law” & complete “Government of Iraq” talk is NOT the be all end all events that those are suggesting.

If following daily news stories is their source of information, they are being greatly deceived. That would be the simplest way to detect the timing of what will be the largest investor gain in modern history. All these fore mentioned events will have been agreed upon and standardized long before the actual news flows out to the world. (all have already been accomplished).

We are seriously on the verge of the event finally happening. Be Happy friends.

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