(soonerfan62): 3S's 2/15/12

[soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone, please, please no comments on the post, everything is OK now just needed time away because I was so certain last night. Just know I am as confident as ever that we will not see another weekend with our blessing.

[soonerfan62] I have read every post in the forum and I don’t have the words to describe the way it made me feel. Thank you for your kindness and know I will not walk away until we are there, just needed a break. Received many calls from our intel family and am very, very proud to call them my friends. With that

[soonerfan62] Just to let you know nothing but good news some I can’t talk about, just know we are there

[dguru] soonerfan62 ok give us some intel get back on the horse!!! [soonerfan62] dguru Seriously anytime

[sunshine] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 Please tell us..we are still GOOD to see hat Blessing..soon ? PLEASE!!!! [soonerfan62] sunshine Sooner than you probably think

[dinarmaven] Somebody needs to call Shabibi. Get the timeline from the horses mouth. Even Med’s CBI “inside” connection is never right… [soonerfan62] dinarmaven Talked to him today, he said what are you guys waiting on, I did my part

OhanaNena] soonerfan62 We Love you Thank you for coming back to the Tree [soonerfan62] OhanaNena Never left just took a break

[JstBringIt] As far as bank screens, prior info, etc, can you give any insight to what is going on there? [soonerfan62] Asells Bank screems is a jonny question

[Asells] soonerfan62 [tc0043] Is the current hold up in the U S or Greece? [soonerfan62] US but no longer a holdup IMO

[shasta7] soonerfan62 …. in a nut shell… see if you agree with this… The RV is overdue…. It can go at anytime… most feel it will happen from the present to Friday … (most intel are thinking by Thurs… The RV is NOT just about Iraq & US. this is a reset for the Global Markets… How is this sound! [soonerfan62] shasta7 100% agree

[rosie16] Asells Are we waiting on China to go home? [soonerfan62] They won’t without RV

[Asells] [HeIsFaithful] Once the RV actually is LIVE any idea how stable the rate will be and if we will need to cash in fairly soon. [soonerfan62] I believe we will ahve a little higher rate in the beginning for about a week, but not much higher

[1biz4u] Asells ask soonerfan62 is there a best time of day for the rate to change? RVR [soonerfan62] 1biz4u After all US banks close

[OhanaNena] with your contacts do you believe we will see this before the end of the month? [soonerfan62] Before end of week next

[britney1102] Does that mean we may see a possible RV Thurs and cashin on Fri? [soonerfan62] Maybe time to cash in tomorrow we’ll see

[asher] Since this is not just about Iraq, but, a much larger event….can you comment on some of the other factors in this larger event. We seem to be only addressing Iraq. [soonerfan62] This is now in our hands US IMO

AlohaDinar the major hawaii banks close at 4 PM HST 8PM CSt,

[phase2] Can you explain why some intel providers tell us ‘When they announce ther Erbil and the GOI, you will see the RV” and other providers don’t have a concern about that. It’s been a confusing issue for some of us. Thanks for all that you do for us!! [soonerfan62] Erbil and GOI MUST be announced before we can have an RV, believe this has been done

[GrannieAnnie] Are we still waiting on the US Treasury to be ready for the changeover from the Federal Reserve? [Arizonaheat] Asells no [Asells] shar35] I heard that China & the US signed off today. Are your sources saying that as well? Do we think that’s the trigger? [soonerfan62] They have been ready

[HSWGOLF] Ask sooner for brief summary of the days events before he leaves [Arizonaheat] soonerfan62 probably has higher sources than i do, from the last i got was they are in talks with the IMF and WBO as to the future of chinas currency for the next 5 years and where it will bve in the larger scale of things [soonerfan62] I believe rate has been released and we are just waiting for it to post

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