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2-26-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing:     Article: “Ministry of Planning discuss with World Bank strategy of cooperation for the protection of Iraqi funds after the end of the protection period U.S.”

I have said before the back wall is May 2013…the last sentence of the above article ratifies what I have said before about the back wall for the rv. On may 2013 the frozen funds of Iraq will be released and will be available for them, which means that sanction will be lifted. The last sentence clearly indicates that they will be released from ch 7 by that date. It read as follows: “especially in the field of protection of Iraqi funds after the end of the U.S. protection and exit from Chapter VII International Report.”

So based on that I assume that the back wall for ch 7 is May 2013 too. If you tied all the articles of the DFI Fund with the fact that the post of the High Level Coordinator wasn’t renewed on December 2012 and to the fact that the UNSC report on their recommendations about ch 7 still pending , you can conclude that Iraq will be out of ch 7 very soon and not later than May 2013. On the other hand it indicates that the rv is upon us.



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