There will be a major announcement in Iraq

PM Nouri al-Maliki

1-13-13 Flashing: Summary of radio program:

1. China currency will increase its value

2. Ban KI wants Iraq out of ch 7. That is why Iraq met with big countries

3. Iraq has the biggest reserve in the world (110 billions)

4. Iraq will double its reserve

5. RV could happen in any moment.

6. VND will increase its value. Vietnam has been preparing its people to that when they have said the economy will increase and improve during this year, same happens with Iraq.

7. Kuwait prime meet with Maliki (could be tomorrow or in any moment)…and the big one and the big one!!!

Between tomorrow and Monday (more likely tomorrow) there will be a major announcement in Iraq, could be RV, release from ch 7, both or any news that will have a major impact on Iraq…rate will be better than the one u r hearing… rumors are VND rate will be between .27 and .57…we are in an anytime now and i am very confident on my time frame…I am convinced on the happy ending of this event.

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