This will happen prior to the 17th; around the 15th and that the dong and dinar will go together

He did what?

12-10-2012 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 there is another group of investors that have been told this will happen prior to the 17th around the 15 and that the dong and dinar will go together but apply caution with this information because as i have already said i can’t confirm any of this but i trust the peeps that recieved the information?… problem is i don’t know their sources.

I have been on the phone for much of two days now and have not recieved one thing that hasn’t already been shared, most are still thinking between now and the 24th of dec. And some thinking the first week of 2013 but these are just them making guesses according to details they have that point to those dates being the best opertunity for the rv . I agree with them much of the dates stated with events taking place in that time period does make them sound good. Like the ban ki moon international announcement of some kind to be announced around the 17th of this month?

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