Allawi tells Prime Minister Nuri Maliki to step down now


He said the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to step down now, indicating that the sectarian policy of marginalization and build the political process on the basis of incorrect is that brought political and security situation in Iraq to what it is now.

He said Allawi, in an interview with the newspaper “Okaz” Saudi Arabia, “I say to Nuri al-Maliki and with full transparency and sincerity time has come to step down, and is a member of the State of Law and practiced his political life as usual but he has to admit his failure and resign from the presidency of the government in order to make space for the Government and a compatibility across national and national coalition with the task of overseeing free and fair elections produce a legitimate real authority representing the game of democracy in Iraq. say to Mr. al-Maliki, said the best solution is to leave. ”

He said Allawi that “the risks about the possibility of civil war and sectarian strife and many other risks and challenges not lost on Iraq for more than ten years, which is not born of the moment, political process in Iraq, the beginning of the error is known, and now moved the case to the escalation of the largest and more dangerous, process of political marginalization began in Iraq in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and continued until now clearly defective, was this major escalation. but the only difference that happened in the past years and now is that in the past few years there have been multinational forces and the forces of large U.S. and now there are only Iraqi army … note in the recent period that the sectarian divide has become the largest, this division also began to withdraw units from the regular Iraqi army so we started to hear about the formation of the armies on behalf of certain areas and certain sectarian color. ”

Allawi added that “the political process, which was built on a sectarian basis and on the basis of marginalization must be produced so the phenomena of abnormal and strange, Practices political by the current government, which is built on the thought of exclusionary addition to the presence grievances big long a lot of classes in the Iraqi people, all of this, Add the regional factors and what is happening in Syria are all internal and external factors combined to ignite the crisis taking place, which threatens the future of Iraq and the entity that were not there are moves fast substantial at all levels to contain the crisis and stop the negative repercussions, things will escalate toward a negative largest that absent treatment required, The weapons Diffuse and division holds on the Iraqis to come together and Athaoroa within the entire political process to get out of this impasse great. ”
On the urgent steps that must be taken to stop this crisis and spare Iraq division, Allawi said, “There are three paths must to avoid this temptation disastrous To avoid the division of Iraq and its entry in the civil war, the first of a series of quick decisions and then the second track a series of decisions medium and the third track decisions strategy. ”

“In the first track we have to take quick decisions first to withdraw combat troops from Iraqi cities, any disengagement with the protesters and to hold accountable all perpetrators in security institutions and the release of detainees and the delivery of the local police and internal security forces responsible for maintaining security in the towns and villages and the dismantling of the security institutions and political, which does not exist In the context of the Iraqi constitution. these quick steps that will make a positive shock and soothe the soul and fall discourse and the specter of sectarian division. ”

He said Allawi, “The path average after these quick steps be” listening to the demands of the demonstrators and enter a dialogue seriously with them and respect their demands and seek to address that through the implementation or through agreed upon, any action taken by the authorities must be justified and clear for the people, the wall in these sounds of high demonstrators the situation does not solve it. The authorities must respect the political views although the opposition and listen to the voice of the people. ”

He noted that the “strategic path is the abolition of all institutions and manifestations of sectarianism in the country and then only by creating the era of national among Iraqis based on respect for the Constitution and respect the spirit of the civil Iraqi society away from any standard sectarian and thus producing a political movement new things back to normal. Through This process is achieved political power trading, which is a guarantee of democracy in any country. ”

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