Barzani seeks Iraq presidency


The future of Iraq / special : revealed high-level political sources for political moves in anticipation of the death of President Jalal Talabani, pointing out that regional president Massoud Barzani, trying to be the next president of Iraq.

Paid this, revealed political sources for »the future of Iraq» for having contacts with the head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq in order to intervene in resolving the problem of large expected breaks, pointing out that the signs of the crisis started because of choosing an alternative to Talabani.

Sources said that Barzani put himself as an alternative candidate Talabani in return for granting the presidency of the Kurdistan region, Barham Saleh, indicating that Saleh agreed to this, saying that the region sees himself as a first step in identifying alternative to Talabani in the event of his death.
Politicians say in response to this «a right guaranteed them the Convention on the formation of the current government», stressing that «ambitious Barzani unimaginable», noting that «will more problems province while assuming the presidency of the republic», to the existence of the support of Parliament for this proposal by the Liberal bloc and the Iraqi List.

paid this reservation National Alliance to assume Barzani as president, Aazin to mismanagement Barzani political crises as well as the tip region on the balance center.

refers politicians in the National Alliance to Barzani in the event of receipt of the presidency, it will waste ambitions Dawa to continue ruling, asserting that the first duty will be to Barzani as president of the Republic is the overthrow of Maliki, without discussion. , Said sources politician, on condition of anonymity for »the future of Iraq» The United Nations and American and British embassies in Baghdad bargaining in this complex situation, expressing hope that the move embassies in time prompt and fast for fear of the occurrence of a new crisis between the region and the center may « not subsided »he says.



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