Did Maliki succeed in balancing his country’s relations between Washington and Tehran


Seems that American pressure on Baghdad in relation to the Iranian aircraft landing in Damascus began to bear fruit.

Vlju the Iraqi government to force the aircraft Iranian flying to Syria to land for inspection, and the search for any weapons or supplies is possible to Tehran smuggled on board civil aircraft to the Syrian regime, shows conclusively that the visit of John Kerry held a press conference in Baghdad did not come in vain, and that al-Maliki has decided to succumb to U.S. pressure and prevent supplies from Damascus.

In political terms, this is a major shift in the Iraqi government’s policies toward Tehran, which collects close ties centered around friendship and attitudes as well. Vaovernmtan Iranian and Iraqi forces supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad in his war against the rebels Syrians, but that Nuri al-Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister considered that the Syrian revolution against the Baathist regime’s repressive there is “fire, either ignited ignorant and either sparked wills foreign, for purposes related to the policies and interests,” according to his speech Speaking on the occasion of the opening of the World Youth Festival in Baghdad on the twelfth of August / August last year.

Besides reservation Iraq (under the direction of al-Maliki) on most of the decisions with Applied secured against the Assad regime with the exception of approval of the decision of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the third of August / August last year and which was approved overwhelmingly to condemn the Syrian regime and to demand the transfer of power.

As well as Iraq and work vigorously and in full coordination with Tehran on file management of international relations for the benefit of the survival of the Assad regime in any way taking advantage of good relations with the U.S. administration.

While showing some views that talk about the Iraqi government’s decision to arrest aircraft Iranian flying to Syria to make sure its cargo, is not being procedures formality doing Maliki to keep his country’s relations with the United States, and that the operations of landing aircraft is coordination between the Iraqi and Iranian governments, and directory on that Tehran does not offer any objection to these procedures, although Baghdad inspections of three Iranian planes yet.

Connotations that are based upon the point of view that it’s all a formality is that the judgment today in Syria lens Maliki and Iran is the rule of loft comes in the accounts of power in favor of the Shiite crescent (as he called Jordan’s King Abdullah II), and any break of this crescent means weakening the national security of countries This is especially Crescent and the most powerful country in which the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq, his current government.

Therefore, there are clear differences in the official Iraqi position between Bahrain mobility and the mobility of Syria, where sectarian deterrent effect plays an important role in guiding the rudder of the Iraqi government, in addition to Iran’s influence on the overall conflict management processes associated with its expansion project in the region.

However, the outlook objectivity to the events confirm that the position of al-Maliki and his government does not betrays read sound heuristic there, all indicators on the ground suggest the inevitability of the fall of the Assad regime, and that any system is coming reservations on the position of Iraq, the official of the revolution and the consequent security tensions and economic and social mission between the two neighboring countries, in addition to further isolation of Iraq, the Arab, regional and international.

Maliki’s position on the revolution in Syria confirms what goes in a lot of the opponents of the Iraqi prime minister, where they describe as “a man fluent in making opponents.”


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