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All, The question was posed to me recently about what I’d place a particular “guru’s” information within the Chats & Posts section of Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits.  Here is my answer to that question, as I feel it serves to answer a host of other questions pertaining to WHERE I place information within my www.TheIraqiDinar.com website…

  1. I do not necessarily believe the Chats & Posts section of Tidbits to be any more credible than the Rumorssection of my site, only less controversial and bold in the information being shared.  Typically, posts placed within that section do NOT predict a date, rate, or give some form of ridiculous “guarantee” when sharing the information.
  2. The information I place in the Chats & Posts section is from known “Gurus” who have a wealth of information to share about the Iraqi Dinar and related topics.  They do this through their “chats” on their personal sites, or through shared “posts” they’ve made on their and others’ sites.
  3. I will continue to place all bold claims of a date, rate, and “guaranteed” information within the RumorsandDoozies sections of Tidbits, as believe it or not, there are varying degrees of truthful and/or ridiculous information being shared about the Iraqi Dinar, and I will continue to do my best to present that information using my subjective system that I feel helps both the old and new followers alike to follow this confusing currency.

I don’t know what else to say about the matter other than I don’t necessarily believe me placing information within the Chats & Postssection of the site is me endorsing the information, or me making a statement that it’s more credible than other information.

Go Truth… Go Organization… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

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